Lift Equipment

Since 1974 Advance Lifts has been manufacturing industrial scissors lifts with the industries best warranty’s. From the industry’s leading dock lifts to the all-new rider mezzanine lifts Advance Lifts offers a full line lift tables, tilt tables, turn tables, and stretch wrappers. Advance lifts even offers lift tables with 4 classes of warranty’s up to and including 3,000,000 cycles.

Unlike conventional methods like cranes, conveyors, rollers or wheels, AeroGo’s air caster systems are faster and easier to use, and can maneuver through tighter spaces, saving time and money by eliminating the need to disassemble your load. And with the highest success rate in the industry, you can rest assured that your move will be safe and smooth.

When Beacon® started, it specialized in shipping and loading systems, cargo handlers, hydraulic dock levelers, scissor lifts, machinery and palletizers. Since then, Beacon® has widened its product offering to include many types of engineering , building construction and other special industrial material handling equipment. Over the years, Beacon® has grown into a fully diversified ergonomic material handling equipment company, including logistical science.

We provide some of the most diverse product selections available on the market today. Standard or special design-to-build core products can be modified to fit your desired application. Working with some of the latest technology, our equipment can be incorporated seamlessly into your line of operations when needed, including, but not limited to, ready for PLC operations.

Custom Powder Systems

Our capabilities at Custom Powder Systems do not stop at stand-alone equipment. We are a major provider of custom designed, integrated “turn-key” systems for food, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We Design, Fabricate, Integrate and Test all Process, Cleaning, Containment and Material Handling Systems in Springfield, MO. Our Control Systems are designed and programmed by our In-house Automation Group. All UL and non-UL panels are built, installed and tested by our in-house UL508A certified panel shop.

At Hunter Lift we specialize in quality engineered and fabricated products for below the hook lifting devices and material handling solutions for all industries.

Lifting Technologies Inc

LTI Built and sold its first material only platform in 1992. We have since built several hundred of these type platforms. The uniqueness of this type platform is that unlike our other platforms, there are literally no two alike. One of our most frequently asked questions is “what do you have in stock” and the answer is almost always the same – “none”. Each time we get a customer inquiry for material platform, we begin a dialogue with the customer to determine all the various specifications they want in their platform. We ask the customer many questions and provide them with a form so they can fill in the blanks. Items such as capacity, length, width, height, gate or ramp, type of floor, etc. are all specified by the customer. These platforms can be crane or hoist suspended, forklift mounted, or both.

Rapistak Corporation is the leader in stacker crane storage innovation. From your basic inventory items and in-line production stackers to automated storage and retrieval systems. We can provide a storage solution for your most demanding applications. With almost no limitations to the industries we can serve.

RUD Chain Inc.

RUD is ISO9001 certified and is renowned for its expertise in heat treatment methods – delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding applications for hoisting, pulling, turning, driving and conveying. The RUD brand name is a guarantee of quality, innovation and safety. Our material handling products include Hoist Chains, Lifting Means, Conveying Systems and the TOOL-MOVER Upender.

Forklift, industrial truck and motor vehicle maintenance is easier, safer and more efficient with Tilt-Or-Lift Inc.’s four service lifts. Each lift is designed to give mechanics easy access to all areas for maintenance, lubrication, repair, and parts replacement. No matter what your requirements, there is a Tilt-Or-Lift service lift to meet your needs.


Our Rhino copolymer lift tube has been field-tested and the life expectancy exceeds that of the cloth-tape lift tube construction by 6-10 times. Furthermore, the cost of the revolutionary design is less. our lift tubes are vailable in a variety of sizes to fit not only the UniMove but competitive vacuum tube lifters, as well.