Material Platforms

Since 1974 Advance Lifts has been manufacturing industrial scissors lifts with the industries best warranty’s. From the industry’s leading dock lifts to the all-new rider mezzanine lifts Advance Lifts offers a full line lift tables, tilt tables, turn tables, and stretch wrappers. Advance lifts even offers lift tables with 4 classes of warranty’s up to and including 3,000,000 cycles.

AutoGuide, a Heartland Company, is a premier provider of advanced automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that transport materials through pickup and delivery routes in a variety of facilities including manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, agriculture, assembly and distribution. These driverless, state-of-the-art, computer controlled vehicles:

Lifting Technologies Inc

LTI Built and sold its first material only platform in 1992. We have since built several hundred of these type platforms. The uniqueness of this type platform is that unlike our other platforms, there are literally no two alike. One of our most frequently asked questions is “what do you have in stock” and the answer is almost always the same – “none”. Each time we get a customer inquiry for material platform, we begin a dialogue with the customer to determine all the various specifications they want in their platform. We ask the customer many questions and provide them with a form so they can fill in the blanks. Items such as capacity, length, width, height, gate or ramp, type of floor, etc. are all specified by the customer. These platforms can be crane or hoist suspended, forklift mounted, or both.