Safety Equipment & Accessories

ASG Services

ASG Services are warehouse identification and marking specialists, providing warehouse signs, durable barcode labels and line striping solutions for the distribution industry.

Axelent, a global manufacturer and industry leader providing interior machine safety guarding for robotics, automation, material handling, and packaging, logistics in North America and Canada. Axelent X-GUARD

Directional Systems

Directional Systems is a US supplier of LED loading dock safety signals. Our products are designed to eliminate confusion regarding loading dock status at a quick glance. Our indicators utilize super bright LEDs that are visible even in direct sunlight. Directional Systems’ TCILV series and TCL series product lines offer complete customization to suit your needs. Options include various LED colors, ability to flash between messages or turn on and off, low voltage options, custom messages, custom sizes and a variety of mounting options. Our in stock items ship same day and custom orders ship in 1-2 weeks. The Directional Systems website offers literature on various installation and wiring diagrams as well as instructions on how to maintenance your signs. Customer service is available by phone during business hours or by email and live chat to answer any sales or technical questions.

Falcon Safety Products, Inc.

Falcon Safety Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and marketer of compressed-gas cleaning dusters and signal horns, including the Dust-Off® brand of consumer electronics cleaning accessories and Falcon Signal Horns.

Since its founding in 1953, Falcon has been committed to providing consumers with the highest quality of compressed gas products at the most economical value. That commitment, along with the company’s focus on environmental and public safety issues has enabled the company and its brands to sustain its growth for over 50 years.

Floyd Bell Inc. manufactures and distributes the world’s most technologically advanced, highest quality, durable and maintenance-free audible alarms. Our alarms are typically used as audible alerts in a wide variety of situations. Because of the ability to customize our alarms to fit any application, scarcely a day goes by without hearing one of our alarms. Floyd Bell alarms are commonly found in automobiles, airport metal detectors, elevators, school busses, french-fryers, fork lifts and golf carts, to name just a few.

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing high quality industrial partitions & safety equipment. Products Include: Curtain Walls, Welding Curtains & Screens, High Speed Roll-up Doors, Strip Doors, Acoustic Enclosures, and Climate Curtains.

At Hunter Lift we specialize in quality engineered and fabricated products for below the hook lifting devices and material handling solutions for all industries.

Folding Gates are your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution. Provide a safer, better ventilated and more secure location with folding gates from Illinois Engineered Products, Inc. The Only Heavy-Duty Folding Gates Made with Galvanized Steel.

Lifting Technologies Inc

LTI Built and sold its first material only platform in 1992. We have since built several hundred of these type platforms. The uniqueness of this type platform is that unlike our other platforms, there are literally no two alike. One of our most frequently asked questions is “what do you have in stock” and the answer is almost always the same – “none”. Each time we get a customer inquiry for material platform, we begin a dialogue with the customer to determine all the various specifications they want in their platform. We ask the customer many questions and provide them with a form so they can fill in the blanks. Items such as capacity, length, width, height, gate or ramp, type of floor, etc. are all specified by the customer. These platforms can be crane or hoist suspended, forklift mounted, or both.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing safety gates for elevated work platforms in distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities for 35 years. We help companies make their operations safer by providing fall protection with our line of proactive, dual-gate safety systems. We created the original Roly® safety gate design, and our safety gates have been installed in facilities throughout the world in virtually every industry. We now offer safety gates for loading docks and dock-lifts, and custom design safety solutions for unique applications. Our full line of safety gates meets ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.

PowerMate® / L P International Inc.

PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Trucks do 100% of the lifting for you, virtually eliminating the risk of back injury while reducing the effort to move heavy, awkward loads by more than 87%! Items which require 2 or 3 men to move conventionally can be moved by one man using a PowerMate®. PowerMate® is five machines in one: a well-balanced dolly, a powered stair climber, a loading dock leveller, a powered tailgate lift and it converts into a four wheel dolly. You can use PowerMate ® to safely power products up & down stairs, on & off delivery vehicles, loading docks, and in & out of buildings.

RDM Industrial Products, Inc. provides an array of quality industrial furniture and support products to the Advanced Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics, Healthcare, and many other private and commercial industries. Established in 1977, RDM has been in business for over 30 years. Our facility is ready to provide your company with the quality products and services you demand. We specialize in shipping top quality products to locations nationwide on time.


SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision and automatic identification products for industrial applications. Whether automating factories or optimizing distribution centers, SICK provides cost-effective solutions.