All Star Incentive Marketing

All Star Incentive Marketing works with clients to create a safe, positive, and healthy work environment, encouraging safety consciousness and promoting wellness throughout the organization. With rising costs of health care and insurance, positioning health and safety at the forefront of your operations—motivating employees in the effort— can dramatically lower costs related to accidents and illness. Through world-class employee engagement solutions in the form of reward and recognition programs, All Star can motivate behavior change and, in the process, create more effective and loyal employees. From workplace wellness, safety and years of service to employee appreciation/ loyalty and peer to peer recognition , All Star provides reward an recognition programs to address your business challenges and maximize your human capital.

CoreTex Products

CoreTex Products offers a complete line of complementary skin protection products specifically formulated to keep employees protected while working outdoors. Not only are these products of the highest quality available, they were developed to meet or exceed all government standards including FDA, EPA and O.S.H.A. CoreTex products truly promote skin protection for the outdoors.

SW Safety

Founded in 1984 with a single purpose: To make our customers more successful. SW is a leader in the hand protection industry. As a privately held, woman-owned business, we continue to expand on our history of achievements and industry firsts. Most notably is our patented ACTIValoe® glove, which delivers a purified and optimized preparation of aloe vera to the skin, and the proprietary pH Natural® glove that helps to restore the skin’s healthy pH, reducing the risk of irritation.

We’re not just glove makers. We’re problem solvers. Creators with a passion for protecting people and the environment. It’s who we are. And it’s why we invested in green technologies like EcoTek, a biodegradable nitrile. Our gloves provide powerful protection across multiple industries, promote skin health and work hard. And when the workday is done, EcoTek gloves continue to work for the good of the planet by literally vaporizing into harmless gas.

We will always be committed to creative innovation, manufacturing excellence and outstanding customer service. Revolutionizing the healthcare and industrial products industry, allowing people to do what they do best. This requires us to invest in quality manufacturing, focus on new product development, and create new features that benefit those who rely on our products every day.

THE SW DIFFERENCE is our promise to continually address real world problems for real working people. It’s a challenge to those who don’t know we aren’t just another glove manufacturer.

We’ve made this promise because we know that our products are so vastly different that one try will change the way people work forever.