SafetyDNA Assessment & Profile

As the opening step of the SafetyDNA® Program, the SafetyDNA® Assessment is designed to gather all the information workers need for their personal safety journey. With a fast-paced interactive experience, the 30-minute Assessment provides clear and intuitive feedback on individual personal safety needs, with unmatched precision. The results are validated and powerful: low-scorers in this Assessment are four times as likely to injure themselves and need different support for safety than the high-scorers.
SafetyDNA Online Training

After the Assessment, the SafetyDNA Online Training transforms the results of the Assessment into actionable feedback, tailored to each worker's needs. Focusing on his or her internal safety traits, the Training provides easy-to-implement suggestions for personal safety improvement. It's a unique and personalized experience, designed to resonate strongly with the worker through engaging simulations and exercises. The best content retention and feedback for safety improvement, in just 60 minutes.
SafetyDNA Toolkit

To support ongoing safety improvement, the SafetyDNA Toolkit applies the teachings of the Assessment and Training in a real-time work environment. With easy-to-use signage that relates daily tasks to internal safety traits, the Toolkit helps workers recognize their safety blind spots relative to completing their daily work safely. These visual reminders fit all safety profiles, supporting your entire workforce at once. This is ongoing site safety improvement, with a personal twist.

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