Coolshirt Systems, LLC – Liquid Cooled Garments

Coolshirt Systems, LLC – Liquid Cooled Garments
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The invention that launched Shafer Enterprises and COOLSHIRT was a cooling vest for surgeons to use in the operating room. Rich Shafer, the company’s founder, spent many years working beside surgeons for hours under hot operating room lights as a distributor for replacement knees, hips, etc. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, Rich saw the opportunity to help the doctors that were helping the patients and the Surgeon’s Cool Vest was born. Since 1987, Shafer Enterprises has grown exponentially to become the world leader in personal cooling systems. Using NASA study guidelines, COOLSHIRT active cooling systems help people manage body heat in extreme environments using circulating temperature-controlled cool water. COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS designs and creates Liquid Cooled Garments for a variety of situations and industries. With proven success in cooling applications such as: Motorsports, Medical, Film/FX, Fire/EMS/ Hazmat & Industry; COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is the Worldwide Leader in Personal Cooling Systems.

There are four ways to lose body heat when your temperature runs too high; Radiation, Convection, Conduction and Evaporation. Evaporation is the release of perspiration through the sweat glands to the skins’ surface. When your temperature rises above 95 degrees, radiation, convection, and conduction do not work and perspiration is all you have left. Half of your body’s blood moves to the skin to produce perspiration; now your vital organs, including your brain are functioning on half the blood supply they would normally need. This can lead to poor decision making, mistakes and fatigue. Heat exhaustion occurs when you lose 2 percent of your body weight through perspiration. COOLSHIRT’s liquid cooled garments covers 30-40 percent of your body and is designed to cool the blood next to the skin, allowing the normal blood flow to reach your vital organs needed most under stages of duress.

The use of COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS allows you to maintain a safe core body temperature while in hot environments. This leads to keeping the user safe while maintaining productivity with fewer chances for mistakes. COOLSHIRT offers a variety of garments, portable and stationary cooling systems to fit all your cooling needs.

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