Grace Industries

Grace Industries
305 Bend Hill Rd
Fredonia, PA 16124

Do You Have People Working Alone?

Use an employee check-in system and a lot can happen between employee “check-in’s”.

Check-in systems Do Not Work ▪ You need an Immediate Notification System

Heavy Duty-Intrinscially Safe Worker Worn Alarms

Grace Lone Worker Systems:

  • DO NOT - Rely upon cellular networks
  • DO NOT - Require internet connections
  • INTEGRATE with SCADA/Fire/Weather Alarms
  • BEST OF ALL - NO Subscription Fees

Check-Out our simple Buddy System or Supervisor’s Package.

Advanced Location Monitoring with MS2000X ▪ SMS Safety Monitor ▪ Grace-Watch®.

SC500 GracePointsφGPS® provides both outdoor GPS and indoor Grace Locator Beacon locations.

Forget Check-in’s ▪ You need real-time monitoring!

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