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CleanSpace Technology is a Sydney-based designer and manufacturer of respiratory protection equipment for healthcare and industrial applications, founded by a team of biomedical engineers with experience in respiratory medical devices. CleanSpace is passionate about continually improving health outcomes, workplace safety and standards of care.

At building and construction sites, several operational processes produce fine dust such as extraction, stockpiling, drilling, grinding, cutting and blasting. The risk of dust generation and transport increases when weather conditions are dry, hot and windy, as does the risk of inhaling crystalline silica dust.

When looking to protect yourself or your staff from airborne contaminants, a power air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) offer high and reliable protection, far exceeding disposable masks. CleanSpace Respirators, proudly made in Australia for over 30 years, outperform other respirators when it comes to comfort and ease of use. The AirSensit™ technology provides cool, clean air to the user and eliminates fogging and moisture in hot or humid conditions.


  • High protection P100 HEPA 99.97%
  • Reusable and cost-effective
  • Comfortable and lightweight 1.1lb
  • No hoses, belts or waist-mounted battery packs
  • Up to 8 hours run time, fast recharge
  • Smart AirSensit™ technology
  • Available in half or full masks (APF 50 /APF 1000)
  • NIOSH & CE mark approved

Product range: CleanSpace Respirators have four models depending on the requirements of the industry.

  • CleanSpace EX - intrinsically safe and suitable for potentially explosive environments such as mining.
  • CleanSpace ULTRA - IP rated 66, making it water-tolerant, perfect for stonemasons carrying our wet-cutting.
  • CleanSpace 2 - can be used in various industrial applications where water tolerance or intrinsic safety is not required.
  • CleanSpace HALO - specially designed for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory sectors.

Customer support: CleanSpace Technology assists in product training, fit testing and instructions on maintenance and care with attentive customer support.

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