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Are you wearing the correct protection?

The eye is a fragile and vulnerable organ that directs our movements and guides us in our environment. Bollé Safety provides optimum protection for your eyes with its wide range of lens technology.

Bollé Safety’s PLATINUM® anti-fog and anti-scratch coating is applied with a process on both sides of the lens. PLATINUM is a permanent coating that ensures a high scratch resistance & decreases fogging on the lens.

Comfort Sensory Perception (CSP)
This innovative lens tint is an effective solution for activities that alternate exposure to bright & low light, while also being suitable for extreme temperatures. CSP is ideal for cold/hot environments, as construction sites, food manufacturing, refrigeration industries & more.
CSP technology filters blue light. It’s combined with the exclusive PLATINUM coating to sustainably combat fogging & provides visual comfort.

This lens is recommended for outdoor work during the day with full sun or where there is some glare during peak hours. They filter UVA & UVB (99.99 percent) light, providing maximum protection from solar radiation.

Our polarized technology reduces eye strain while improving contrast & depth perception. It’s ideal for use in marine or urban environments & for all outdoor activities where there is a high exposure to glare. The polarized technology filters UVA & UVB light.

Hydrophobic is a coating for clarity & light transmission. It can be used for every type of job except those requiring solar protection in industrial fields.  Its visible light transmission (VLT) rate is 96%. Featuring a hydrophobic coating is standard, HD is a polymer barrier, resisting water & dirt marks.