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2024 Construction Safety eBook - PIP Commentary – Hydration & Heat Stress Solutions

PIP® excels as a champion in the construction industry by offering a comprehensive range of PPE solutions, including hand, head, hearing, eye, respiratory, and heat stress protection, that caters to every need in the construction industry, ensuring safety from head-to-toe. However, as the summer months are quickly approaching, we recognize that in high temperature environments, hydration and heat stress management are critical.

Dehydration is a major contributor to heat stress in the construction industry, with over 70% of workers beginning their workday in a dehydrated state. Even mild dehydration, which can be classified as 1-4% dehydration, adversely affects worker productivity, safety, and morale. It is estimated that over half of American workers suffer from mild dehydration on a daily basis and only replace half of the fluid they lose through sweat due to lack of knowledge about proper hydration strategies.

THORZT™ hydration solutions are designed to keep construction workers cool and hydrated, preventing heat-related illnesses, and ensuring a safe work environment. Our hydration solutions include THORZT™ Solo Shots, a sugar, caffeine, and gluten free electrolyte replenishing powder concentrate designed to support rapid re-hydration. This summer we will be expanding the line with ICEMIX Electrolyte Freeze Shots, available in both low sugar and sugar free options. Freeze Shots provide immediate cooling benefits and improved endurance performance in the heat.

The THORZT™ Solo Shots formulation includes vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, essential for rapid muscle recovery, energy production, and reducing inflammation and muscle soreness during the workday. Our Freeze Shots feature durable, easy-to-open snap-and-twist packaging, resistant to leakage and hassle-free. Additionally, the formula does not completely solidify, allowing chewable ice to lower the body’s core temperature, providing much-needed hydration and cooling without the mess.

In addition to our hydration solutions, PIP® offers a comprehensive line of heat stress PPE, supporting various cooling methods such as absorptive, evaporative, phase change, and sun protection, ensuring workers' safety in extreme heat. Our other complementary solutions include but are not limited to premium hi-vis workwear, impact-resistant hand protection, and safety helmets integrated with Mips® technology, providing complete safety coverage for construction workers.