GMR Safety Inc

+1 866 220-9688
2430, des Entreprises blvd.
Terrebonne J6X 4J8 Canada


Since 1996, GMR Safety, a Canadian company, has been designing simple, robust and reliable vehicle restraint systems to secure loading docks during transshipment operations. With over 28 years of expertise, the company has risen to become one of the global leaders in warehouse safety equipment.

GMR Safety offers a wide range of POWERCHOCK® wheel chocks, all designed to secure all types of vehicles (including those with lift gates) and to meet the varied operational needs of its customers worldwide. Among the available models are:

POWERCHOCK® 3: a portable model ideal for narrow loading docks.

POWERCHOCK® 5: an ergonomic model with an articulated metal arm, allowing the driver to handle the chock with minimal effort.

POWERCHOCK® HYBRID: a universal model securing all types of vehicles at one dock, from semi-trailers to small delivery vans.

All POWERCHOCK® wheel-based vehicle restraints are equipped with a restraining plate fixed to the ground, which the chock securely grips onto and holds a restraining force of 50,000lbs. Also, all systems are protected by a unique 5-year warranty, and they come with an advanced communication system that includes a control panel inside the warehouse, a traffic light signaling system (green/red), and a security alarm outside near the dock door. This setup ensures effective communication between the driver and the operator about the correct positioning of the chock, guaranteeing the safety of handling operations.