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Double E Group Material Handling - MASTERED!

In the fast-paced world of industrial logistics, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Double E Group stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with robust engineering to redefine material handling solutions.

At the heart of Double E Group’s success are their subsidiaries: Schlumpf, CartMover™ and RollMover™. Each specializes in unique facets of material handling, collectively offering a comprehensive suite of products tailored to diverse industrial needs.

Schlumpf, renowned for its custom material handling equipment, caters to industries requiring safe and efficient handling for a diverse set of materials. From food and beverage, automotive, tool and die, EV converting and others, Schlumpf ensures safe and seamless production processes, minimizing downtime and optimizing output.

CartMover™, known for its intuitive electric cart pusher solutions, transforms manual material transport into a streamlined, effortless operation. Whether in warehouses or production facilities, CartMover™ enhances productivity while reducing strain on personnel, ensuring a far safer and more efficient workplace.

RollMover™, a leader in custom material handling solutions, provides roll pushers to move large and heavy rolls of paper, film, foils, reels and trucks. Their products are built tough to tackle a demanding manufacturing environment.

These Double E Group product lines exemplify innovation and quality. By leveraging advanced engineering and a deep understanding of industrial dynamics, Double E Group continues to set benchmarks in material handling excellence. Whether enhancing efficiency, ensuring safety, or enabling bespoke solutions, Double E Group is committed to driving the future of material handling forward.