Molded Fiber Glass Tray

Molded Fiber Glass Tray
6175 Route 6
Linesville, PA 16424

The material matters in material handlingMolded Fiber Glass Tray, MFG Tray, is a leading manufacturer of high-strength, glass-reinforced composite containers, trays, boxes, flats and totes for material handling in the metalworking, plastics and electronics assembly industries, as well as in food service, confectionery and pharmaceutical processing. The company continually develops customized solutions for specific material-handling challenges and applications. MFG Tray products bring an array of performance differentials to material handling applications, including high strength-to-weight ratios, corrosion resistance, temperature stability, and dimensional stability with high load-bearing capacities. MFG Tray products combine outstanding performance features with long service life to ensure exceptional value.

MFG Tray now offers composite materials to dissipate electrostatic discharge for safer static-part assembly (Fibrestat), x-ray detectable for contaminant protection (X-DTect) and a lighter composite that can withstand continuous industrial use (ULTRA-LITE and LITE).

MFG Tray offers manufacturing solutions using composite material. The strength, stability, versatility and durability of composite materials continue to reinforce the fact that the material really does matter in material handling. Customers are encouraged to contact MFG Tray to discuss any unique handling and design requirements.


MFG Tray is a division of Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG), a world leader in reinforced polyester composites.  Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company (MFG Tray Company) was founded in 1952 in Linesville, Pennsylvania and became the first manufacturer to mass-produce commercial products using polyester resins and fiber glass reinforcements. Marketed under the Toteline™ brand name, MFG Tray Company’s products quickly gained acceptance in a variety of industrial and food service applications thanks to the outstanding performance benefits and durability of composite construction. Several products such as starch trays and dough boxes evolved into standard designs expressly for specific applications, while others such as the company’s popular 780 Series nest-and-stack designs are used in an array of material handling operations.