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Pure Safety Group

PURE SAFETY GROUP: Leading the Way in Keeping Workers at Height Safe Around the World

Thousands of workers at height around the world will return safely home today to their friends and family, because they were wearing and using products made by Pure Safety Group (PSG). PSG is the global fall protection leader – the only independent equipment manufacturer to be 100%-focused on keeping people safe while working at height. The company’s sole focus on fall protection lets it concentrate exclusively on the needs of workers at height, and the supervisors and safety managers that choose products and training to support their teams. PSG is driven by innovating equipment that enhances worker safety and comfort, whether that be through small design iterations or major product breakthroughs. By listening closely to customer needs, bringing new ideas from other industries, testing products, and providing insight on safety standards, the PSG innovation team has more than 200 patents to its name. This innovation continues to advance the fall protection industry in ways that keep workers as safe as possible, every day on the job.