Safety Knives


MARTOR is the international leading partner for safer cutting solutions. For more than 80 years, the family owned company based in Solingen has been combining quality with innovation to manufacture premium cutting tools for industrial and professional purposes. Today, the brand MARTOR is represented by partners and dealers in more than 70 countries all over the world.
MARTOR focuses on the product segment of safety knives. "Safety knives" because they are equipped with reliable safety technologies. Year on year, MARTOR extends its product portfolio along with specific services to offer the most comfortable and efficient cutting solutions. Large retail chains, logistic companies and automobile manufacturers, to name just a few industries, have not only professionalized their manual cutting work by using MARTOR products, they have also managed to considerably reduce the number of cut related injuries.
MARTOR launches new products regularly - most recently the SECUMX 320 with concealed blade and the metal-detectable SECUNORM PROFI40 MDP for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The high quality safety knives, equipped with quality blades from Solingen, can be used for numerous cutting tasks on a variety of materials, such as multi-ply cardboard, paper, plastic strapping band, tape, bagged goods, shrink film and plastic wrapped pallets.
Additionally you will find further product categories at MARTOR, such as cutters and specialty knives (scalpels, deburring cutters, scrapers etc.) for various professional segments.
"THE SAFER WAY TO CUT." is the new MARTOR slogan that succinctly communicates our mission on making the world of work safer. We invite not only end users, but also trade partners to experience this safety - because you can always rely on the quality standard of the market and innovation leader.

OLFA U.S.A. Inc.

The name “OLFA” comes from two Japanese words which mean “to break a blade”.  In 1956 Mr. Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION, invented the world's first Snap-Off Blade Cutter.  The inspiration for this incredible idea came from breaking off segments of chocolate bars and analyzing the snapped edges of broken glass. OLFA® brand blades are made with top quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional Japanese sword-making.  The handles that allow users to gain the full cutting performance of these high-quality blades are designed, developed and manufactured in Japan.  OLFA® is proud of the unwavering quality that goes into every product we make.

Hands down, safer cutting saves money! Over 50% of hand injuries involve cuts, lacerations, or puncture wounds. Not only is lost employee time an issue, but there are also other behind-the-scenes costs that add up quickly.  These costs include wages that aren’t covered by worker’s compensation, lost work time or complete work stoppages, as well as administrative time for paperwork and reporting.  Fortunately, OLFA has a solution.

Our safety knives are designed to be simple to use and sharp, while keeping hands safe and protected. You can reduce the risk of potential injuries when cutting through materials by using high-quality knives that are appropriate for a variety of applications.