Dräger’s Powered Air-Purifying Respirator System Supports Wide Portfolio of Headpieces

September 13, 2022

Dräger’s X-plore 8500 powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with new headpieces offers a robust system with expanded technical capabilities that increase productivity and total cost of ownership to filter hazardous substances from the ambient air. Designed to support various components and accessories, the new system can be customized to meet diverse application requirements while providing exceptional…


OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.134: Respiratory Protection

August 30, 2022

Ranking: #2 The Risks Respirators protect workers against insufficient oxygen environments, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors and sprays. These hazards may cause cancer, lung impairment, diseases or death. Compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard could avert hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses annually. Respirators protect the user in two basic ways.…


Respirator Fit-Testing Methods (ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z88.10-2010)

January 3, 2022

“A standard for carrying out the proper way to carry out fit testing was long overdue and has been immensely helpful in the field of respiratory protection. At OHD, we commend those who further our mission of protecting the world’s workforce.” Dr. Stephanie Lynch, PhD (Product Manager), OHD, LLLP, 205.980.0180, History Developed by ANSI…


Respiratory Protection, General Industry – Regulation 29 CFR 1910.134

August 31, 2021

Ranking: 3 A Workplace Story A California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (CA/FACE) Program report: A bathtub refinisher, working alone in a small apartment bathroom, died of methylene chloride exposure while using the chemical to remove paint from a bathtub. The victim was not wearing any respiratory protection. The bathroom had a small, open window…


OHD to Increase Health and Safety while Fit Testing with Release of PURE Adapters

August 23, 2021

OHD, LLLP is proud to present the next generation of fit test adapters for users who utilize OHD’s controlled negative pressure technology (Fit Tester 3000, Quantifit®, QuantiFit2®). The OHD PURE Adapter allows users to dial up their program based on the specific situation, climate and application. The revolutionary new PURE Adapter allows users to fully…


Casella Announces 2021 Webinar Series for Dust, Noise, Vibration and Asbestos Monitoring

April 23, 2021

Global occupational health and workplace hazard monitoring expert Casella has announced its schedule of industry leading webinars for 2021. The schedule of free to attend, virtually accessible webinars cover Casella’s areas of core competency, including workplace monitoring for dust, gas and vapour hazards, as well as instrumentation usage and best practice. The sessions will also cover monitoring…


Protecting Workers from The Dangers of Welding Fumes

February 22, 2021

By Maureen Paraventi, Editor Clothed in protective gear, surrounded by flying sparks, the welder wields a powerful energy source and generates heat up to 15000°F in order to fuse two materials together into a strong joint – called a weldment – that will be permanent once the parts cool. An economical and efficient process, welding…


Introducing the Revolutionary QuantiFit2TM – True Advancement in Respirator Fit Testing

January 7, 2021

OHD, LLLP is proud to present the next generation of fit testing instrumentation, the QuantiFit2TM, which utilizes OHD’s scientifically proven and patented Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) technology. The revolutionary QuantiFit2 allows users to break free from traditional respirator fit testing restraints. The QuantiFit2 reportedly offers battery power for ultimate portability, AutoStart functionality for touchless testing,…


Top OSHA Workplace Violations – Respiratory Protection, General Industry – Regulation 29 CFR 1910.134

December 8, 2020

Enforcement from Oct 2018-Sept 2019 Total citations: 2,931 Total inspections: 1,298 Total proposed penalties: $3,808,871 Most Frequently Violated OSHA Standard Ranking – Number 4 Industries most often violating the respiratory protection standard: Fabricated Metal Product Mfg. $359,052 (in proposed penalties) Specialty Trade Contractors $329,422 Chemical Mfg. $227,992 Nonmetallic Mineral Product Mfg. $213,493 Transportation Equipment Mfg.…


Five Things to Know for an Effective Written Respiratory Program

June 22, 2020

Robin Regan, Contributor Whether you work in construction, chemical/pharmaceuticals, healthcare or confined spaces, the risk of exposure to respiratory hazards is inevitable. Just because it’s not always visible, protection against these hazards is more than a nuisance—exposure to dust, gases and vapors can lead to serious, life-threatening diseases. There is no “one-mask-fits-all” approach to respiratory…