Intrinsically Safe Lighting in Explosive Environments

March 1, 2022

By: Derek Box, Contributor When your employees need portable lighting in order to accomplish their work tasks, it’s important to consider the safety of the lighting equipment they’ll be using – if the environment is potentially explosive. The danger is obvious in the petroleum and chemical processing industries, but many other industries can create explosive…


OZ Lifting Launches Spark Resistant Range

February 15, 2022

OZ Lifting has launched two spark resistant products—a chain hoist and push beam trolley—both available from 0.5-ton to 10-ton capacity. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has targeted the products at applications where there are gas or dust particles that could create a spark. Typical markets include oil and gas, wastewater, paper, mining, and others where an…


Princeton Tec Introduces the Alloy-X for Industrial Task Lighting

January 20, 2022

Princeton Tec, a family-owned personal lighting manufacturer, has introduced an all new dual-fuel penlight, the Alloy-X. The light features a stunning 400 lumens and a 28-hour runtime all in one sleek, compact design. “The Alloy-X dual-fuel penlight is the perfect pocket carry light that is slim and packs a 400 lumen punch, allowing industrial workers…


Training for Lockout/Tagout

June 1, 2021

By: Brian McFadden, Contributor Many warehousing operations use motorized equipment, like conveyor systems, to maintain efficient workflows. Some workplaces have more specialized needs, like industrial refrigeration systems for cold-storage facilities. Larger workplaces often call for more powerful equipment. As long as guards remain in place and workers follow safe practices, these systems can be relatively…


Creating a Safer Workplace with Iron Phosphate Li-ion Batteries

June 1, 2021

Workplace injuries are all too common in warehouses, and battery maintenance for material handling equipment is a typical culprit. The ongoing maintenance required to keep flooded lead-acid batteries running presents a danger to the workers tasked with charging, watering and changing batteries. Batteries come in power equipment on construction sites, in tractors, trucks and automobiles,…


Prevent LOTO Mistakes with Visual Communication

March 17, 2021

Brian McFadden, Contributor Effective Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) systems protect workers from unexpected movement or energy release during equipment service. OSHA estimates that these procedures save 120 lives, and prevent 50,000 injuries, every year. Naturally, any workplace that takes worker safety seriously will work hard to maintain an effective LOTO program. But we’re all only human; mistakes…


Custom Beam Lift

Custom Caldwell Beam Lifts Electricity Cable Reels

March 2, 2020

A 26,000 lb. (13-ton) capacity custom lifting beam from Caldwell is being used to lift reels of electrical cable off flatbed trailers. The adjustable beam, which spans 48 in. to 87 in., was recently delivered to a high voltage electrical transmission contractor by Caldwell distributor Western Sling. The provider of lifting and rigging equipment has…


Larson Electronics Releases Explosion-Proof Thermostat, 6-Foot 16/3 SOOW Cord, 120/240V AC

November 12, 2019

Larson Electronics, a Texas-based company with over 40 years of experience spearheading the industrial lighting and equipment sectors, announced the release of an explosion-proof thermostat for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations. This thermostat is adjustable, using a set point knob system that is powered by an SPDT snap action switch. This unit…



Panasonic Unveils TOUGHBOOK 55 Mobile Computer with Customer-Driven Modular Design

September 9, 2019

Panasonic is pleased to introduce a worker’s best friend: the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® 55 mobile computer. Building on legendary reliability, versatility, performance and ruggedness, the TOUGHBOOK 55 offers unrivaled flexibility with its modular expansion packs and accessories that can accommodate a multitude of work environments and personal preferences. The TOUGHBOOK 55’s modular design supports the demands…


Zip Ties & Electrical Workplace Safety

July 16, 2019

Amy Greenberg, Contributor When dealing with electrical work, safety is of the utmost importance. The electrical industry has some of the most stringent safety laws and regulations, all aimed at ensuring the health and well-being of the workforce when on the job. One device in which every electrical worker is well-versed is the zip tie,…


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