A New Way to Store Press Brake Tools with the Press Brake Tool Storage System

March 23, 2021

Rack Engineering Division announced its new Press Brake Tool Storage System for storing and organization Press Brake Tools. Quickly recognize if something is missing before getting started at the Press Brake with the Press Brake Tool Storage System from Rack Engineering Division. In addition to organizing tools, the Press Brake Tool Storage System can reportedly…


The Upender, Improving Worker Safety

March 23, 2021

The Uni-Craft Corp. team presents the Upender, an ergonomic “lifting aid” that helps prevent worker injuries, lowering the cost of claims and downtime, that repositions large, round, and odd shaped products such as dies, rolls, or coils. The Uni-Craft Upender is an ergonomic solution with applications in manufacturing and assembly to the end of the…


Petzl Releases New Fall Arrest Harness Line

March 2, 2021

Petzl’s NEWTON harness line has updated features for added comfort and a better use experience. Pockets, quick release buckles, and a hi-viz vest option add to the existing legacy of this fall arrest harness. The NEWTON harness line is more ergonomic, and the material used is more breathable and lightweight than previous models. It is…


Safe Pushing and Pulling in the Workplace

February 22, 2021

By Dave Lippert, Contributor The emphasis on ergonomics in the workplace has never been greater. Motivating this are at least two factors: demographics and cost. The U.S. workforce is getting older and heavier, two significant challenges to physically demanding jobs in the industrial workplace. Since older and heavier workers are generally less fit, they are…


Facing Growing E-Commerce Shipments – TAWI’s Mobile Order Pickers Are Your Answer

January 29, 2021

TAWI’s Mobile Order Picker (MOP) is indeed mobile and can be picked up with any kind of forklift or pallet jack, allowing operators to use it wherever they need to lift something. With its adjustable tower height operators can reach into pack racks or other low headroom areas giving them the greatest possible benefit in…


Makita Releases World’s First Angle Grinders With Non-Removable Guards

December 21, 2020

Makita U.S.A., Inc., manufacturer of high-quality professional tools and accessories, announced the world’s first compact industrial 4- ½-inch / 5-inch angle grinders with non-removable guards (models GA4553R and GA5053R). The 4-1/2 inch and 4-1/2-inch / 5-inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinders with non-removable guards can be used in concrete/masonry and metal applications. The non-removable guard is…


How to Identify Ergonomic Risk Factors for a Safer Work Environment

December 9, 2020

One of the keys to establish effective ergonomics on the job is to ensure that the workspace and position requirements match the physical capabilities of employees. When the demands of the job begin to compromise physical ability, and put stress and strain on the body, the rates of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) increases. Ergonomic equipment, such as height…


Fanuc America and Plus One Robotics Deliver State-of-the-Art Automation Solutions to E-Commerce Fulfillment Customers

December 2, 2020

FANUC America, the leading supplier of CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs, and Plus One Robotics, a leader in AI machine vision for robots in logistics, have successfully paired industry-leading technologies to meet the needs of mutual customers in e-commerce. The new flexible fulfillment solution incorporates a FANUC robot and Plus One’s AI-powered PickOne perception system to…


Ergonomics as Hand Protection

June 4, 2020

By Tracy Hansen, Contributor When we think of hand protection we often think of gloves: gloves with myriad materials and surfaces and flex to protect working hands on the job. But, hand protection is more than what you put over the hands; it is also how you use them. If you are not working smartly;…


Topper Cart

Problem-Solving: The Right Equipment for Specialized Material Handling Needs

February 11, 2020

By Jillian Burrow, Contributor When a company takes on the task of analyzing their day-to-day operations to create better material handling processes to provide better material flow, they are inevitably looking for the correct equipment. Although most companies deal with similar material handling needs, no two companies process material the same. It’s important to note…