Raymond Honored by New York State SkillsUSA With Distinguished Service Award

May 12, 2022

The Raymond Corporation was recently honored by New York state SkillsUSA with a Distinguished Service Award in recognition of its outstanding support and contributions to career and technical education. SkillsUSA established this award to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions made to it by organizations, agencies, businesses or other groups. Raymond received the award during…


Mastering the Ever-Increasing Performance and Safety Requirements in Welding

November 2, 2021

By: Peter Deutsch, Contributor The performance and safety requirements in welding are becoming greater. All welders in industry and workshops notice this every day due to the ever-increasing pressure to perform. How can you deal with these rising demands on the welder with confidence? It’s simple: integrate the best technology into a welding helmet to…


Welding Safety Resources and Best Practices

November 16, 2020

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 500,000 workers are injured annually due to welding accidents. Welding requires a dangerous level of heat and energy, so this unfortunate toll isn’t shocking. Welding is a very dangerous job, with the risk of death being more than four per 1,000 during the course of a…


Machine Guarding: Find the Risk, Find Results

March 12, 2020

By Liz Cuneo, Contributing Writer In the workplace, there are few things more likely to cause worker injury than improper interaction with a running machine. Whether it’s a grinder, drill bit, welder or press—these machines run fast and deliver a lot of power to perform the task at hand. When a worker comes into contact…


The Right Stuff: Finding the Proper Welding Safety PPE

November 10, 2019

Andrew Ortman, Contributor This article takes a deep look into the safety products all welders should be wearing and the options that they have. By breaking down each product category, you’ll have the ability to find the field you need or identify a broad spectrum of needs. General Requirements Aside from face and eye protection,…


welding fabricators

Multi-Hazard Protection for Welders & Metal Fabricators

June 20, 2019

Randall Fisher, Black Stallion Industries A significant trend that continues to guide the design of safety garments and gloves is the need for multi-hazard protection. Safety managers and other safety professionals are challenged more than ever with protecting workers in multi-hazard environments. To meet the need, they are requesting personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers…


OSHA 1926.350-Gas Welding & Cutting

January 21, 2019

History: During the late 1800s, gas welding and cutting was developed. The production of oxygen, the liquefying of air, along with the introduction in 1887 of a blow pipe or torch, helped the expansion of both welding and cutting. Before 1900, hydrogen and coal gas were mixed with oxygen; but, in about 1900, a torch…


Safety in Welding and Metalworking

November 14, 2018

Barbara T. Nessinger, Chief Editor According to the American Welding Society, an estimated 50% U.S. gross national product is affected by welding. Anything made of metal, no matter how big or small, can be welded. Welding is the most common method used to join metal parts in large structures and equipment, due to its strength.…


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