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Adam Equipment Welcomes Two New Scales to Product Lineup

Global scale manufacturer Adam Equipment added two more trade-approved options to its product offerings in the Americas: the Swift range of price computing retail scales and the Cruiser CKT-M range of bench checkweighing scales. Both Swift and Cruiser CKT-M feature NTEP approval for setting prices based on weight.

Swift Price Computing Retail Scales

Perfect for delis, farmers markets, catering or other retail operations that need a price computing scale, the easy-to-clean Swift features a generous 11.8” x 8.3” stainless steel pan, as well as front and rear displays (backlit LCD with 0.6”/15mm-high digits) so both the user and customer can see the weight, unit price and total price. A pillar option makes it even easier for customers to view the weight and pricing results.

For convenience, Swift offers a rechargeable battery (up to 90 hours on a single charge) and can store up to 161 PLUs for quick recall of often-used products.

With a list price starting at $425, Swift is available in eight models (four with pillars, four without), ranging in capacity from 3lb/6lb to 30lb/60lb and readabilities from 0.001lb/0.002lb to 0.01lb/0.02lb.

Cruiser CKT-M

The newest addition to our Cruiser lineup, the NTEP-approved Cruiser CKT-M bench checkweighing scale offers a compact footprint for limited workspaces, durable construction and unmatched value for industrial weighing. Applications include basic weighing, parts counting and approved check weighing to help users meet regulatory requirements.

A color-changing backlit display (with 0.6”/15mm-high digits) shows if a sample is under, over or within preset limits, supplemented by an audible alarm. The scale features 150 PLUs for fast recall (50 each for weighing, parts counting and percentage weighing).

A rechargeable battery powers CKT-M for up to 70 hours of operation.

The approved CKT-M – which has a list price of $655 – is available in four models from 9lb/4kg to 90lb/40kg with readabilities from 0.002lb/1g to 0.02lb/10g. Each model offers an ample 11.8” x 8.3” stainless steel pan.

CKT-M joins Adam’s growing Cruiser family of products, which includes CCT bench counting scales, CKT bench checkweighing scales and CDT dual parts counting scales.

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