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AutoGuide Launches Highest Payload Autonomous Mobile Robot Tugger

AutoGuide Mobile Robots launched the Max-N15, the highest payload modular autonomous mobile robot (AMR) tugger capable of transporting up to 15,000 lbs. Built on AutoGuide’s patent-pending modular design, the Max-N15 provides a common base that can be adapted for multiple manufacturing and warehouse material handling tasks with modular attachments to create lift trucks, tuggers or high bay pallet lift trucks.

”With the Max-N15, companies needing to pull heavy payloads can safely and easily do so with autonomous robotics, greatly improving operational safety and enabling valuable labor resources to be utilized for higher value tasks,” said Rob Sullivan, president and CEO, AutoGuide Mobile Robots. “Our advanced, flexible, modular platform means companies no longer need to purchase completely different systems for different applications. In fact, customers can transform one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles to accommodate their ever-changing work environment. The fork truck you’re using today can easily be transformed into a tugger tomorrow, and then back again the next day.”

The Max-N15 extends AutoGuide’s family of advanced high-payload industrial AMRs that are easy to deploy and program, improve safety, reduce costs and increase efficiency for a wide range of material handling operations. The company’s Max-N10 tugger, Max-N10 pallet stacker and SurePath fleet management software—which provides an easy means to specify routes, coordinate autonomous lifting and transport of pallets, and manage the AMRs traffic to optimize customers’ material transport—are already proven at leading manufacturers and warehouse providers such as Pactiv, Ford and Husqvarna. 

Max-N15: The Configurable, Modular High-Payload AMR

AutoGuide created the Max-N15 configurable, modular autonomous mobile robot by combining and redesigning traditional material-handling systems into a common base. The Max-N15 combines a drive motor with sensor/steering/safety/communication features and a series of modular attachments that offer the most economical capital efficiencies for customers. The modular attachment approach enables volume production of the base units more quickly, which drives down costs, shortens lead times and improves reliability due to accelerated product maturity.

“The Max-N15 modular architecture lets customers evaluate new attachment designs with low costs, choosing the ones that work best for any given need,” Sullivan added. “And like our lower-payload robots, the Max-N15 is not a retrofit kit. We manufacture our robots from the ground up, designed to be an AMR from the first piece of steel to the last screw. This ensures our customers are getting the safest, fastest and most robust high-payload AMR available.”

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