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Alimerka Announces Partnership with Cimcorp Automation

The collaboration enhances supply chain efficiency and sustainability

Cimcorp, a pioneer in robotic handling solutions, has partnered with Spanish supermarket chain Alimerka to automate fresh food distribution processes. By integrating solutions from Cimcorp in its warehousing operations, Alimerka has reduced packaging material usage and enhanced distribution efficiency, making its supply chain more agile and sustainable. The partnership has also helped Alimerka ensure customer satisfaction with high-quality fresh products and protect employees through occupational safety improvements.

Alimerka operates 173 supermarket stores across Northwest Spain, providing food and groceries to over 150,000 families across its locations. With future growth in mind, Alimerka selected Cimcorp for its ability to enable sustainable growth, optimize production processes, and improve ergonomics. Cimcorp has provided Alimerka with a solution that not only meets its current needs but also allows the company to grow and adapt to future challenges.

Beyond improving operational efficiency, Alimerka sought to further its commitment to environmental conservation and waste reduction. The partnership with Cimcorp has contributed to this goal by reducing cardboard packaging usage and minimizing transportation times.

In grocery retail, logistical efficiency translates to enhanced customer satisfaction. While end consumers are not always aware of the work behind the scenes, improvements to distribution operations are reflected in the quality and freshness of the products they find on Alimerka’s shelves.

Furthermore, Alimerka and its employees now benefit from improved ergonomics and occupational safety. Cimcorp’s solution has provided greater order and uniformity in deliveries, resulting in improvements in the health of both store and warehouse workers, with a reduction in the number of accidents.

Moving forward, Alimerka’s investments in automation will be essential to remaining a key player in the grocery retail market. Alimerka will continue to work with Cimcorp to improve warehousing operations with additional innovative solutions.

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