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Dynatect Introduces Economical Roll-Up ChemTank Cover

Roll-Up ChemTank Cover ClosedDynatect introduces the ChemTank Cover™, a corrosion-resistant chemical tank cover developed in response to the demand for convenient and space-saving options. The cover is designed to accommodate a range of tank applications including chemical and surface finishing, anodizing, etching, plating, cleaning and more. The cover system helps reduce heat-loss and evaporation.  Its roll-up design offers easy manual or drill-drive operation.

“We’ve heard from the market that the current solutions for covering tanks are less than ideal, citing concerns about durability, ergonomics, complexity, or price,” said Eric Esspon. Productivity and ergonomics are a concern where wood, PVC, or metal static plates are considered cumbersome and time-consuming.  Dynatect’s engineering team also noted that they’ve seen much variation in process tank setups and layouts.  Historically this resulted in time-consuming and expensive custom engineered solutions since a more “universal” modular design was not available.  Dynatect has since developed a standard, purpose-designed solution that could be applied to a wider breadth of tank applications which also accommodates obstructions over the side of the tank such as hoses/piping, agitators, etc.  The roll-up design also saves space, allowing application to side-by-side tank installations.

Roll-Up ChemTank Cover OpenTo maximize chemical and temperature compatibility, Dynatect’s ChemTank Cover includes a PVDF-coated PVC shade and compatible hardware. A stainless steel wiper removes the any condensation from the cover as it is retracted. The ChemTank Cover is for tank opening widths from 24 to 80 inches.  The roll-up feature can be applied to tanks up to 60 feet long which often can’t be addressed by fixed plate alternatives.

To evaluate their return on investment for applying a ChemTank Cover, facility managers should consider if they are losing money due to evaporation or energy efficiency due to continuously heating open tanks. Covers are also a logical approach to improving the work environment and air quality. Considering ergonomics and the necessity to contain hazardous fumes, ChemTank Cover may appeal as a regulatory countermeasure. With a roll-up design that’s easily opened and closed, operators need not struggle with manually lifting and adjusting panels, which also pose a splash risk. The roll-up design also eliminates the challenge of where to store manual cover panels. The cover efficiently travels at about 1 foot per rotation.

Dynatect designs and manufactures a wide variety of industrial roll-up covers for use in manufacturing, foundry, processing, and plating facilities. The ChemTank Cover has already been engineered for maximum compatibility with both new and retrofit installations.  While there can still be applications outside the scope of the ChemTank Cover, Dynatect continues to offer the Steelflex metal roll-up cover as an alternative.

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