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Configura Announces New CET Material Handling Product

Configura has officially launched its latest product: CET Essentials for Material Handling. This new solution allows users to draw layouts in less time using dynamic product placeholders—smart product symbols not attached to a specific manufacturer. Users can design any size warehouse in CET Essentials, then assign specific product brands later in CET Material Handling.

CET Essentials utilizes easy-to-use placement and estimates of material handling systems, realistic 3D renderings and one-click piece counts. The intuitiveness of CET Essentials accelerates the design process; users simply click, snap and stretch 2D and 3D digital symbols that look and behave like real products.

Salespeople and engineers alike can now lay out a storage space digitally using visual components as placeholders, all while collaborating seamlessly. Currently, with the Essential Pallet Racking feature, users can add industry standard-sized pallet racking systems to understand how warehouse mechanisms will configure within a space. Future CET Essentials additions will include guarding and deep storage, among other common warehouse staples.

The 3D component of CET offers realistic photo-like renderings, allowing designers and decision-makers to visualize designs and experience their future space. This new dynamic tool makes the design and installation process for material handling spaces faster, easier and more efficient.

After an initial layout is developed, specific manufacturer products and pricing can be implemented using CET Material Handling.

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