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Conveyco Announces Unisort IV Pop-Up Wheel Sorter Replacement Program

Buschman Unisort IV, Pop-Up wheel sorter support is being discontinued (End of Life/EOL). The manufacturer, Intelligrated, made this decision because many parts for this sorter are no longer manufactured and/or available.

The key component of the Unisort IV is the pancake cylinder part #279561 which is thus critical in lifting the divert wheel assembly. Without this part, cartons and totes will not divert rendering the lane useless. This can dramatically impact on the sorters and facility’s performance as well as customer satisfaction levels.

The Unisort IV had been one of the most popular medium rate pop-up wheel sorters installed in warehouses and distribution centers around the world. Its reliability and cost effectiveness had made it an essential piece of many organizations’ order fulfillment systems for decades.

Conveyco, a long term Intelligrated and Buschman partner has created a Unisort IV pop-up wheel sorter replacement program to prevent system degradation and downtime. This is especially critical going into peak season.

The Conveyco Unisort IV replacement program utilizes a new but similar style sorter. The new system’s mechanical similarities mean not having to alter the air piping and only minimal electrical and PLC program modifications. In some cases, the replacement of Unisort IV sorters can be done over an extended weekend.

Conveyco will provide turnkey everything from design engineering to implementation. By utilizing the replacement program, you will increase your sortation system’s reliability and performance. In fact, the new sorters divert cartons much gentler than the Unisort IV, potentially eliminating existing product damage.

Plan and act soon. These aging Unisort IV sorters may leave your system vulnerable to equipment failure with extended down times. If just one of these diverts fails, it can create conveyor and loop congestion that can force the closing of a shipping dock door that can impact the entire facility’s performance.

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