Augmented Vision Order Fulfillment for Picking, Carts, Replenishment and Put Wall Applications

Conveyco’s augmented vision order fulfillment system dramatically improves labor efficiencies, accuracy and throughput capabilities in new or existing pick modules, pick carts, put walls and replenishment applications.

Conveyco’s augmented vision order fulfillment system integrates Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision to help direct operators quickly and accurately. 

Operators wear AR smart glasses to see a virtual pick-to-light system overlaid on their pick modules, carts, locations or put wall slots.

“Conveyco’s augmented vision system allows organizations to rapidly improve accuracy and productivity while saving more than 50% of the typical investment required in using traditional pick-to-light and voice picking systems. Plus, the flexibility allows systems to be modified, scaled or even moved quickly and efficiently,” says Ed Romaine, vice president of marketing and business development.

The smart glasses give both visual and audio directions to locate, retrieve, scan, and fulfill each item and order accurately. Arrows direct the operator to walk until the required location appears to be visibly green. Quantity, item identification and confirmations are always visible to the operator.

The computer vision system is constantly scanning barcodes and utilizing its AI interface to interpret what the operator is seeing and directs them to complete the required pick and order.

The Conveyco augmented vision system provides the benefits of traditional pick-to-light and voice systems without the maintenance and time-consuming infrastructure and installation costs.

The augmented vision picking system can be easily be integrated with existing WMS software.

The Conveyco augmented vision technology provides the flexibility for moving the system anywhere and at any time. This enables organizations to reduce their cost of ownership, extending the life of the warehouse and increase the efficiency and satisfaction of their front line workforce.