Huron Technology Corp. Announces the Hi-Speed Tote Stacker & De-Stacker

Huron Technology Corp. introduced the Hi-Speed Tote Stacker & De-Stacker, which is ideal for high volume automated tote handling applications.

The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker reportedly optimizes the utilization of valuable floor space by effectively increasing the storage density of empty totes. The system’s compact design makes it suitable for locations that require a small footprint.

The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker provides an efficient way to transport full stacks of totes and could lead to greater worker safety through reduced in-plant traffic and manual handling. The stacker reportedly offers many practical options based on the application, with speed selection up to 20 totes per minute, pneumatic or electric actuation and 24 VDC powering capabilities.

The Tote Stacker & De-Stacker is also maintenance-friendly and modular so it can easily fit within the current conveyor system.

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