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MHS Launches New Large Parcel Singulator

MHS announced a new singulation solution for high-throughput parcel operations. The new Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Large Parcel Singulator is designed to keep automated sortation systems running smoothly, transforming a bulk flow of packages into a single-file stream, critical for high-throughput operations.  

The ARB Singulator uses a series of roller belts that operate at progressively increasing speeds, capable of handling up to 12,000 parcels per hour, with over 99% singulation accuracy. MHS uses computer vision to measure incoming flow, modulate conveying speeds and cull side-by-side packages. The system is designed to ensure maximum singulation performance for all packaging types – even items in flexible packaging like bags. An integral recirculation line reintroduces packages that are separated at the side-by-side eliminator and buffers peak package flow to keep downstream systems performing at peak efficiency.

“Automated sortation systems allow parcel distribution centers to handle the unprecedented package volumes of the e-commerce era more efficiently than ever – but only with a properly spaced stream of product,” says Dean Terrell, senior vice president, development, Material Handling Systems, Inc. “The new ARB Singulator eliminates the need for large, expensive controlled merge systems with an alternative that offers peak performance in a reduced footprint and a reduced cost.”

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