VARO’s Unique Unwrapping System: Patent Pending

VARO’s fully automatic unwrapping system can accurately and efficiently remove the stretch film that is wrapped around products on pallets.

The unwrapping system removes the stretch film on the sides and top of the pallet. Moreover, strapping bands can be cut and removed together with the stretch film. The pallet top can be removed from the pallet and stacked at a defined location near the machine, from where it can be safely taken away without interrupting the unwrapping process.

The VARO unwrapping system is based on a PLC controlled, fully automatic and programmable system, which can handle many different packaging patterns. The only requirement is that the packaging pattern must be uniform. The unwrapping system could easily be combined with other machinery either before or after unwrapping.

On each side of the machine specially developed cutting devices are led into the gap between the products and cut the stretch film fully to the bottom. Upon cutting, the pallet is released and transported carefully out of the machine on a conveyor while the stretch film is left on the side and top plates. Finally, the stretch film is sucked into a funnel under the machine and can eventually be transported to a shredder or baling press which minimizes the volume of plastic waste.

Possible options:

  • Pallet magazine;
  • Stretch film suction, stretch film shredding or baling press; and
  • Removal of pallet tops and strapping band.

Technical data

  • Capacity: up to 15 pallets/hour;
  • Standard pallets up to 1200×1200 mm / 40×48” (U.S.);
  • Empty pallets are removed one by one; and
  • Standard knife blades.


  • Quick return of investment in multi-shift operations;
  • Reduces monotonous and uncomfortable work postures;
  • Automatic correction of misalignments in the piling of products;
  • Possibility of fully automatic removal and minimization of waste;
  • Uses specially developed cutting devices to cut the stretch film;
  • Better safety for product and personnel; and
  • No additional requirements to packaging.

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