VARO Pallet Unwrapping Unit for Warehouses

VARO’s fully automatic unwrapping unit is a revolutionary new technology, which accurately and efficiently cuts and removes the stretch wrap, even from unregular shaped shipping pallets.

It could be the perfect choice for any warehouse that receives and unpacks a large number of pallets each day.

The VARO unwrapping unit pays off:

  • Self-operating: no operator needed, and could provide savings in factory wages;
  • Safe: reduces risk for work related injuries involving knives or falls from ladders;
  • Fast: unwraps up to 100 pallets/hour; and
  • Careful: unwrapping without any damage to the carton boxes packed on the pallets.

With the high capacity unwrapping unit, you’ll get:

  • A flexible unit which reportedly handles all standard pallets – US pallets up to 48×40” or EUR EPAL 1-7 (up to 1200x1200mm);
  • A versatile unit which can handle unregular stabled products on pallets and pallets up to 8′ 10” in height;
  • A place saving unit that can either stand alone or be smoothly integrated into existing automation lines; and
  • An eco-friendly unit, no compressed air needed.

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