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FANUC America Demonstrate its Line of SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA Robots

FANUC America, the leading supplier of robotics, CNCs and ROBOMACHINEs will demonstrate its line of  SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA robots in a variety of high-speed applications at Automate 2019 in Chicago, Booth #7540.

FANUC’s SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA robots feature high-speed, precise operation for pick and place, assembly, testing/inspection and packaging processes in a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, auto component, plastics, food and beverage, lab automation, appliances and medical device manufacturing.

FANUC SCARAs will demonstrate the following applications:

Electronic Component Assembly

A wall-mounted SR-3iA SCARA robot uses iRVision® to check presence and pick odd-form electronic components from a tray and place them on a circuit board.  Next, the robot disassembles the circuit board by picking the various components and placing them back into the tray.

The FANUC SCARA’s speed and performance coupled with integrated iRVision makes it ideal for electronics assembly and other high-precision applications.

Battery Assembly

A FANUC SR-3iA demonstrates high-speed battery assembly.  The robot uses iRVision to pick battery cells from a magazine tray and place them into an assembly module at very high speeds.  Once two assembly modules are complete, the robot unpacks the battery cells and the cycle repeats.

Visual Circular Tracking

An SR-3iA will use iRVision circular tracking to pick fuses from a moving circular disc and place them on an outfeed conveyor.  Circular tracking allows a compact system layout and minimizes product damage by eliminating unnecessary handling.

High-Speed Packing and Unpacking

Two SR-6iA robots perform high-speed packing and unpacking.  One SR-6iA robot will continuously pick quart-sized cans of heavy magnetic primer from an indexing ring and pack them into boxes.  A second indexing ring circulates full boxes to a second robot that continuously unpacks cans and returns them to the first indexing ring.  Both indexing rings are driven by FANUC servo motors controlled by the Power Motion i-MODEL A multi-process control, with full communication between both robots and the Power Motion i-MODEL A.

FANUC’s SCARA robots complement the company’s small robot lineup, providing customers with a complete selection of cost-effective robotic solutions that help maximize speed, precision and productivity for assembly and material handling applications.


FANUC’s SCARA robots offer best-in-class motion performance.  The SR-3iA offers a 3kg payload, 400mm reach, and 200mm stroke, and the SR-6iA has a 6kg payload, 650mm reach and 210mm stroke.   A compact, lightweight design provides significant space savings.

Powered by the latest R-30iB Compact Plus controller, the SCARA robots offer the same intelligence and reliability available on all FANUC robots, including integrated iRVision, force sensing, conveyor tracking, fieldbus connectivity, integrated safety, and most other software options.  FANUC’s SCARA iRProgrammer software interface is easy to use for programming with Tablets or PCs, and can be accessed via a Web browser.

FANUC SCARA Robot Features and Benefits                       

  • Ultra-compact footprint and slim profile minimizes interference with peripheral devices.
  • Two models available: SR-3iA (400mm reach) and SR-6iA (650mm reach).
  • Lightweight design enables easy system integration and continuous fast operation.
  • High inertia capacity maximizes flexibility to handle large work pieces.
  • Generous vertical stroke makes it possible to perform assembly, packaging and handling operations.
  • Bottom cable exit (optional) provides cable protection, and saves valuable floor space for higher efficiency.
  • Integrated airlines, 24VDC power and I/O signal cables, and solenoid valves (optional) simplify system integration and reduce overall cost.
  • Brake release switch on the robot’s arm allows easy error recovery.
  • High-performance R-30iB Compact Plus controller requires minimal space and allows layout and installation flexibility.
  • Web-based iRProgrammer user interface for intuitive and easy robot setup and programming on a Tablet or PC (Teach Pendant is optional).
  • Standard CE/NRTL compliance on the R-30iB Compact Plus controller allows global deployment without any additional cost.
  • Same high performance intelligent software options across the entire FANUC robot line, including iRVision (Integrated Vision), force sensing, conveyor tracking, fieldbus connectivity and integrated safety.

FANUC America,

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