Raymond Introduces Onboard Easy Attach Power Source for Heated Clothing Powered by Reach-Fork Battery

The Raymond Corporation announced the Raymond® Onboard Easy Attach Power Source for heated clothing to increase operator comfort in the harsh conditions of cold chain applications, resulting in increased productivity and greater operational efficiency. The power source is for use in freezer applications and converts battery energy from a reach truck to power heated clothing.

“With the Onboard Easy Attach Power Source for Heated Clothing, reach truck operators can now wear heated-insulated clothing to further increase operator comfort and productivity,” said Susan Comfort, narrow aisle product manager, The Raymond Corporation. “As an end-to-end intralogistics solutions provider, this power source is another innovative example of Raymond products and services empowering customers to run better and manage smarter.”

The Onboard Easy Attach Power Source for Heated Clothing reportedly features a rocker power switch and a magnetic breakaway connector, allowing operators the freedom to easily disconnect heated clothing from the truck and leave the operator compartment. Through a DC power converter, a 24- or 26-volt battery supply of a reach truck is converted into 12 volts to power the temperature controller switch, which ultimately powers the heated clothing.

The Onboard Easy Attach Power Source for Heated Clothing is now available for use with any of the Raymond 7000 Reach-Fork® Truck models and requires the additional purchase of clothing items.

For more information, visit https://www.raymondcorp.com.