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Yale Announces New Robotic Reach Truck

The Yale second-generation robotic reach truck builds on the original, award-winning Yale robotic reach truck that launched at ProMat 2019. This new automated lift truck leverages lessons learned through years of real-world deployments, offering the same high-lifting, deep reach capability and precision at height, bolstered by key enhancements like improved maneuverability and navigation, simpler implementation and consistent performance in even more applications.  With single and double-deep reach capabilities and a 3,500-pound load capacity, this robotic lift truck is capable of autonomously storing and retrieving loads from locations just over 400 inches (33 feet) high, maximizing vertical storage space and helping to address labor shortages.

Enhanced maneuverability enables the new robotic reach truck to be used in applications with narrower aisle widths, making it suitable for a greater range of vertical storage and retrieval applications. Additional middle and high sensors with vision recognition allow the robotic reach truck to see over pallets and identify the walls of the operating environment, improving its ability to navigate without manual intervention in bulk storage and deep lane storage applications.

The sensor detection area has also grown from three to nine meters, enabling the new robotic reach truck to run faster. Depending on the constraints of the application environment, this faster movement may result in the new robotic reach being able to execute more pallet moves per shift.

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