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Mallard Manufacturing Rebrands Pallet Flow Rack Systems

Mallard Manufacturing, leading gravity flow storage solutions provider, has rebranded its wheeled pallet flow rack systems to provide greater product clarity and offer customers a simplified selection and design experience.

Mallard’s two pallet flow wheels consist of the popular Magnum Wheel and the recently named M-150 wheel.

Magnum Wheel is known for its robust design, durable construction, and exceptional load capacity of 330 lbs per wheel. Magnum is the system of choice for heavy-duty applications and harsh warehouse climates. The M-150 shares the shielded bearings, wide surface area, and ribbed reinforcement of the Magnum wheel but offers a lower-cost alternative for load weights under 3000 lbs in ambient warehouse climates.

Pallet flow wheels are used in both pallet flow rack and push-back flow racking applications.

M-150 Wheel:

  • Per wheel capacity of 150 lbs;
  • Best suited for total load weights under 3000 lbs;
  • Ideal for temperate warehouse climates;
  • Lower cost vs. Magnum Wheel; and
  • Ribbed on both sides to prevent outer rim damage.

Magnum Wheel:

  • Rated for 330 lbs per wheel & -40℉;
  • Ideal for total load weights over 3000 lbs;
  • .125” wider than competitor wheels;
  • Best choice for cold storage and freezers; and
  • Ribbed on both sides to prevent outer rim damage.

Matching the customer’s need with the most effective gravity flow product is exemplified by the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab, a gratis optional service provided to customers. The in-house testing center allows customers to evaluate the gravity flow lane design with their pallets and simulated loads before finalizing and installing their solution. All testing is captured on video for the customer. The Mallard team makes any recommendations and retests if necessary.

Customers may find that the most economical solution for their pallet flow rack is to create hybrid rails that combine the robust Magnum wheels with the versatile M-150 wheels. This unique hybrid design offers an ideal solution for specific pallet flow rack applications, enhancing system durability and reducing their initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

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