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Material Handling Product Innovations of 2023

Image courtesy of ABB Robotics.

AI-enabled Robotic Item Picker from ABB

ABB Robotics’ Robotic Item Picker is an artificial intelligence (AI) and vision-based solution that can accurately detect and pick items in unstructured environments in warehouses and fulfillment centers. Using machine vision and AI, the Item Picker determines the optimal grasp points for each item before the suction gripper picks up and places the item into designated bins. The system does not require aWMHS ny human supervision or information about the physical attributes of the items it picks. With a picking rate of up to 1,400 items per hour, businesses can handle more orders without increasing headcount or time. Featuring a robot, suction grippers, and proprietary machine vision software, the Robotic Item Picker fully automates complex picking and placing tasks of a range of items including cuboids, cylinders, pouches, boxes, polybags and blister packs, which otherwise require the dexterity and flexibility of humans.

Image courtesy of TWERGO.

New Ergonomic Casters from TWERGO®

TWERGO has added TWERGO Lite and TWERGO XTREME to its ergonomic caster lineup. TWERGO Lite, a single 2” wide-wheel version of the TWERGO® wheels, utilizes the same patented face design to reduce initial and continuous push force. It is designed to replace standard caster wheels by adding significant ergonomic benefits, without significantly increasing the price. TWERGO XTREME, designed to move more weight without compromising safety, uses a unique barbell design and tapered tread to minimize caster wheel friction, reducing the force required to push or pull materials or completed manufacturing assemblies. The company’s original caster wheel, TWERGO®, can handle heavy loads while reducing reduces the amount of energy needed to move them.

Image courtesy of Raymond Corporation

Raymond Outdoor Electric Lift Trucks are Emissions-Free

The Raymond Corporation has rolled out two new low-maintenance, emissions-free all-electric lift trucks designed specifically for outdoor applications. The 4800 and 4810 80-volt sit-down counterbalanced trucks provide all the needed capacities between 4,000 and 11,000 pounds. Both feature the Raymond Performance Stability System™, which offers a high level of vehicle control for reduced damage to goods and facilities. Both models give users an ergonomically designed operator station featuring a full-suspension and fully adjustable seat with an attached armrest and fingertip hydraulic controls with factory sideshift. A variety of enclosed or partially enclosed cabin options are available the open view mast allows for exceptional visibility. The energy regeneration system, standard on both models, increases run-time by putting energy back into the battery during plugging, coasting and braking.

Image courtesy of AutoScheduler.

WMS Accelerator AutoScheduler Optimizes Operations

Even the most advanced warehouse management system (WMS) relies on a planner to make important decisions like when to unload, pick, stage, load; decide what to move from one building to another; where to place staff, etc. AutoScheduler is a warehouse resource planning and optimization platform that dynamically orchestrates all activities within the warehouse. It takes data from WMS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and uses capacity-constrained schedules to create plans and schedules that speed up fulfillment operations, optimize warehouse resources and better manage inventory. helps businesses manage what they need today to succeed, while predicting what they need in the future to meet the increased demand in labor, space and time.

Image courtesy of PAC Machinery.

Eco-Friendly Flow Wrapper from PAC Machinery

The PAC FW 650SI Servo Box Motion Inverted Flow Wrapper gives industries that flow wrap an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging on horizontal flow wrappers. It makes bags to product length at high speed, using PAC’s NEW curbside recyclable paper. The FW 650SI has a 13.75” wide end seal jaw to accommodate products up to 12” wide or 8” high. It has the ability to print directly on the package or on a label that is applied to the package, and is ideal for apparel and other soft, delicate products packaged with a continuous motion. It comes standard with a 6.5- foot infeed conveyor belt with adjustable guides for multiple loading stations, which provides flexibility when packing products of various lengths. This innovative product allows industries that flow wrap everything from food to industrial manufactured parts to eliminate plastic packaging. For those not ready to make the move to paper, the FW 650SI is flexible enough that it can also run plastic-based films.

Image courtesy of PAC Machinery.

ASG Services’ Shadow Boards Keep Tools in Place

Custom shadow boards by ASG Services are a cost-effective way to store and organize workplace tools and implements so that employees can quickly and easily select them when they need to. The boards have visual representations of items so that they can be returned to their exact locations. In addition to saving time and improving productivity, shadow boards help prevent needless wear and tear that could occur from improper storage. ASG creates shadow boards based on customer branding, tooling needs and size constraints and ships them to the site ready for use. They can be mounted by customers or by ASG’s installation teams.

Image courtesy of Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

A Small Product, High-Speed ASRS from Muratec Machinery USA, Inc.

An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) especially for small products was introduced this year by Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (Muratec). The Ledger A3 mini-load is a high-density, four-tote carriage ASRS. It is high-speed and has simultaneous carriage loading and unloading of four totes for storing, picking, and sorting small, lightweight goods. Designed to provide maximum storage and retrieval for high-throughput distribution applications, the Ledger A3 crane delivers double the capacity compared to a conventional mini-load ASRS. It moves up to 400 totes per hour, traveling at 984 feet/min (300 meters/min) and lifting 360 feet/min (110 meters/min), with a size capacity of 13.4 in. (W), 18.9 in. (D), and 11 in. (H) maximum. Combined with Muratec’s rail-guided, bi-directional shuttle sortation loop – SHUTTLINER – the Ledger A3 can operate as a highly optimal goods-to-person (G2P) system to minimize manual handling errors and boost throughput.

Image courtesy of Dorner Conveyor Corporation.

Anti-Bottleneck Conveyor System from Dorner & Garvey

The AquaGard GT from Dorner and Garvey is an infeed and outfeed conveyor ideal for accumulation-type applications designed to prevent bottlenecks in industries such as packaging, bottling, dry food processing and parts handling. All components (except motors) are either stainless steel or FDA-approved plastics, which are ideal for operating in environments that require wipe-down or occasional washdown cleanings of the conveyor. The AquaGard GT integrates features and benefits such as powered transfer units, flush side tails and pre-engineered transfer modules, among others that in-house machine builders cannot match. The conveyor is competitively priced and comes with a short 10-day lead time. WMHS

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