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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Charts a Path Towards a More Sustainable Future

NORD has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility plan to lower carbon footprint by 2025.

Since 2021, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been diligently addressing sustainability issues with a dedicated cross-departmental team actively supported by shareholders and management alike. Its Corporate Social Responsibility plan combines economic, profit-oriented development, and environmental protection into one common goal rather than thinking of them as separate initiatives. The plan is driven by NORD’s responsibility to society, its customers, and its employees.

NORD is committed to acting with integrity and responsibility for the environment through five main fields of action:

Governance & Processes

NORD’s sustainability management team was introduced in 2022 and has already reached important milestones such as successfully implementing a certified environmental management system in Germany and publishing the first sustainability report for their global headquarters in Bargteheide. This team focuses on implementing structures and processes for the entire NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group and plays an important role in ensuring the other fields of action are successful. In the coming years, NORD will strive towards the goal of creating international sustainability reports that integrate key figures from all subsidiaries, appointing sustainability officers worldwide to regularly exchange information, and implementing NORD environmental management standards at its 10 largest subsidiaries.


By 2025, NORD aims to make sure all 5,000 employees are fully informed about CSR activities and receive regular training. It expects to launch a digital Learning Management System (LMS) by 2024 for individual learning opportunities and are preparing to appoint a key figure who will promote diversity throughout the company.


With the goal of reducing its CO2 footprint, NORD is currently developing an international climate strategy to reduce energy consumption during operations, increasing the use of renewable energies, and reducing the amount of waste each subsidiary produces. Other focal points include increasing the amount of self-produced electric power, expanding biodiversity, and enabling preventative protection against water-polluting substances. NORD’s global headquarters in Bargteheide, Germany has already enacted an environmental program that will soon be enrolled to the rest of the world.


NORD products can be found in more than 100 industries across the globe. As many systems consume a significant amount of energy, NORD has begun integrating more sustainable, energy-efficient solutions into its product development process. Future plans for the NORD product line include increasing the sales quota for energy-efficient solutions, calculating a product carbon footprint for a product series by 2025, and significantly increasing the usage of high-efficiency products within the industries it serves.

Supply Chain

NORD has suppliers for raw material and components all over the world and holds them to the same standards of respect for human rights and sustainability. While the German Supply Chain Act (LKSG) will not become mandatory until January 1, 2024, NORD has been conforming to the law since January 1, 2023. The act regulates corporate responsibility for human rights compliance in supply chains and requires risk analysis to be carried out, documented, and reported accordingly. In addition, NORD also is working towards determining the greenhouse gas emissions of 80 percent of its parts acquired through the supply chain by 2025 and advancing sustainable material compliance in the company with defined teams and responsibilities.

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