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Alarm Bar, Height Restrictor & Corner Guard

Alarm Bar

The Alarm bar protects overhead assets from accidental damage from moving vehicles. This ceiling-mounted barrier provides audible and visible alarms to prevent damage before it happens, averting vehicle impacts and changing driver behavior over time. Quick and easy to install, it can be used to safeguard doorframes, loading docks, infrastructure and overhead walkways, as well as key safety assets such as sprinkler systems and ventilation pipes.

Height Restrictor

The Height Restrictor is designed to shield the edges of doorways and prevent damage to high level assets such as overhead pipe bridges, cable trays, air or gas supply lines, or ventilation ducts. The Height Restrictor also warns a vehicle driver that their vehicle or load is too high, preventing costly damage and downtime.

Corner Guard

Specifically designed to protect wall edges and door frames from day-to-day bumps and scrapes from pallet trucks. The Corner Guard is quick and easy to install, with stackable design, enabling installation to a desired height. The narrow profile keeps intrusion to a minimum whilst protecting infrastructure from scuff damage from hand powered vehicles

A Safe,

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