Packaging of Variable Books and e-Commerce Products

VARO’s packaging machine is ideal for online distribution or e-commerce businesses that need to pack and ship small, flat items of variable sizes in corrugated cardboard.

The corrugated cardboard is folded and glued around the product so the product inside the package is fixed and will not be damaged during transportation. The VARO packaging machine is reportedly ideal for businesses that depend on fast and protective packaging and optimal package size related to cost efficiency.

The packaging solution allows small and larger packages to be packed simultaneously and without adjustments or switch of cardboard wrapping. The packaging machine can handle packaging in two different sizes and allows multiple items to be packed in one package.

Options include:

  • Addition of shipment paper and invoice handling; and
  • Addition of labelling and franking machine.


  • Chooses correct cover size;
  • Handles all flat items/thicknesses;
  • Simple to operate;
  • Reduction in number of packaging sizes;
  • Protective packaging;
  • No need for adjustments between packaging;
  • No space fillers needed;
  • Protective packaging;
  • High packaging speed with fewer employees; and
  • Handles all flat items/thicknesses.

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