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Schneider Packaging Q&A

  1. Tell us a bit about Schneider Packaging (and your role within the company).

Schneider Packaging was founded in 1970 when Dick Schneider ventured out from the packaging machinery firm he was working with to create new machines with his own designs. Since then, we have produced over 3,000 machines that reliably run across the continent and world, in a wide variety of industries. As a family-owned company for more than 45 years, our team prides itself on close customer relationships that inspire us to consistently raise internal expectations and overall equipment effectiveness. Our team’s main objective continues to be solidifying ourselves as a worldwide leader in design, engineering, manufacture and installation of end of line packaging equipment all while exceeding our customer’s expectations.

My role at Schneider is to lead and manage all sales activities while ensuring our strategic sales growth aligns with our organizational goals.

  1. Schneider Packaging recently introduced Intelligent Illumination™, noted to be “a patent-pending, end-of-line solution destined to significantly change the way operators maintain their machines.” Can you elaborate on what makes this development so revolutionary?

Intelligent Illumination was born out of our continuous development of technologies that enhance and improve the end user’s experience. When we came up with this concept, we knew that not only would this technology improve the aesthetics of our equipment but ultimately, and more importantly, improve OEE and productivity. Intelligent Illumination emulates a stack light by illuminating the problem area of a machine, allowing operators to receive visual cues for potential issues, such as low product levels. Stack lights and HMIs serve a purpose, but when the stack light goes off, operators don’t necessarily know what issue has arisen or in what general area of the machine it has occurred in. End-users’ plants encompass sizeable production lines. If operators are on one side of the machine when they recognize a fault and have to get to the other where the HMI is location, they have wasted precious production time. If operators can visually see the fault area, they can proactively prepare themselves to take care of the fault.

  1. Schneider also manufactures a complete line of robotic palletizing, case packers, tray packers, high-performance random case sealers, specialty cartoning systems and integrated packaging solutions. Are there any new developments in these areas, and/or new products or concepts on the horizon?

At Pack Expo Las Vegas we debuted our proprietary OptiStak software. While others have relied on external computer solutions, Schneider decided to close the gap between efficiency and ease of use. OptiStak was designed to create perfect pallets regardless of changeovers and right from the HMI. End users now can create optimal recipes without a laptop, easily customize pack patterns using the 3-D interface and even introduce new products right at the machine.

  1. How does the company achieve environmentally sustainable solutions?

We are conscious in our design and engineering phases of projects to ensure that our machines are reliable and achieve immense uptime. This process ensures efficient use of technology and components, which minimizes wear and tear of the machine. Couple that with including robotics and advanced serve techniques to reduce the energy footprint of the machine.

We also look at other areas, such as the supplies required to run the machine. For example, we use lubricated air which eliminates the need for lubrication, thus eliminating the need for oil compounds.

  1. Tell us about the various technical robotic certifications the company holds. What makes this so unique in the packaging world?

Schneider is RIA-certified. The RIA established this program back in 2012 in response to an industry need for a benchmark for evaluating technical and robot safety acumen, as well as overall integrator business excellence. Internally, it helped confirm we are doing what a great integrator should be doing. It also gives potential partners assurance that they are partnering with a mature and innovative company that is on the cutting edge of industry trends and benchmarks. 


Schneider Packaging Equipment

Mike Brewster,

Director of Sales and Marketing

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