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Ecentria DC Deploys inVia Robotics to Increase E-commerce Throughput and Accuracy

Hollar Picking (414.9 LPH ) from inVia Robotics on Vimeo.

inVia Robotics, the provider of next-generation warehouse automation solutions, announced Ecentria has deployed its  Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) system to automate order fulfillment in the Ecentria DC (EDC) in Aurora, Ill.

inVia’s integrated automation system, which includes a fleet of autonomous mobile robots and AI-driven software, is now live in EDC, the primary distribution center supporting OpticsPlanet, Inc., an Ecentria company and a Top 200 Online Retailer for more than 12 years. The system gives Ecentria a flexible robotics solution that can scale along with dynamic e-commerce order volumes.

“With a diverse range of products and customers we were looking for an automated warehouse solution that could easily scale and adapt in support of our mission to always provide exceptional service,” said Andrew Mironov, managing director, head of operations at Ecentria. “inVia Robotics delivered on both and proved that it could increase order efficiency and accuracy, which makes the ultimate difference to our customers.”

The inVia Picker robot automates the storage and retrieval process and works alongside people to skillfully pick and move products swiftly and accurately through the order fulfillment process. The robots are directed by Robotics Management System (RMS) software that continually analyzes EDC’s warehouse to optimize operations and increase throughput. EDC has also chosen to manage replenishment through inVia’s system, which helps maintain inventory accuracy, ensuring customers receive the items they want when they want them.

The system employs advanced AI algorithms to adapt to fluctuations in demand in real-time and adjust warehouse mapping to create more efficient paths and processes inVia’s holistic platform adapts to customers’ existing layouts and software, and its unique inVia Connect integration tool allowed quick and simple integration with EDC ’s existing Warehouse Management Software (WMS). Ecentria deployed the solution through inVia’s RaaS model, which delivered immediate ROI and eliminated the costly burden of ownership.

“Ecentria DC, the primary distribution center supporting OpticsPlanet, Inc., is the latest e-commerce business to benefit from inVia upgrading its warehouse operations to keep pace with the rapid increase in online orders and consumer demands,” said Lior Elazary, co-founder & chief executive officer of inVia Robotics. “We are excited to bring  the productivity and accuracy benefits of automation to companies of all sizes, helping them increase both consumer and employee satisfaction through more efficient order fulfillment.”

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