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Robotic and Cobot Workstations Help Manufacturers Achieve Greater Efficiency and Solve Worker Shortages

Manufacturers are adopting more automation, and robotic technologies to help solve challenges and improve their operations. As part of this, cobots are growing in popularity, however, utilization is not always at its best. Flextur’s Cobot Welding System integrates with welding cobots to create a highly productive welding cell while maintaining accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

Manufacturers will achieve highly accurate, repeatable, automated workflows with the use of Flextur’s patent pending Quick-Change Fixture Table and Quick-Change Fixture Plates that ensure parts are positioned and clamped in the proper position every time. Additionally, the cobot welding system allows you to switch to a different part in minutes with ease. The process is simple with just a couple of steps and the touch of a button.

“We were struggling with our cobot utilization. We have engineers on site doing programming but making fixtures was taking longer than expected, and it was costly. We reached out to the Flextur Team who did a great job communicating and being upfront about what we could accomplish together. Flextur came on site and showed how to make these systems work in a financially successful way. Flextur has been a highly reliable organization and a great partner.” according to Chris Crowe, Plant Manager – Modine, Jefferson City MO.

Cobots should be easy to use, however, complexities can occur with setting up a part, changing to a new part, or designing a productive workflow. When operations face these challenges, they often either under-utilize the cobot or decide not to use it at all. These complex issues are solved in a simple way with the Flextur Cobot Welding System featuring Quick-Change Fixture Tables.

“Flextur developed it’s Cobot Welding System to help our customers achieve maximum efficiency, and greater production from their cobots. In turn helping to combat skilled labor shortages. Our innovative modular system makes utilizing cobots make sense from an operational perspective.” explains Flextur CEO Daniel Wengerd.

It is forecasted that by 2026 there will be 400,000 less welders in the workforce. Cobots help bridge the gap from the worker shortage making it important for organizations to transition teams from hand welding to automation. Difficult welding applications are more accessible to AWS Certified Welders with the Flextur Welding Cobot System providing them with the tools they need to be more productive and allowing them to transfer welding knowledge without knowledge in advanced programming.

To find out more about Flextur Cobot solutions, visit website or call 877.435.3988.

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