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Ergodyne Diversifies ProFlex® Winter Work Glove Line with New Additions

Ergodyne announced the launch of its new thermal work gloves.

The new ProFlex® gloves include:

The 7401, 7501 and 7551 models take all the grip and flexibility of Ergodyne’s successful coated glove line and add a thermal fleece liner for warm protection that won’t hinder dexterity. Each provides a different level of protection, with the 7551 adding both waterproofing and A5 cut resistance.

The 825WP takes a different approach to the same winter work problem. The two-piece glove is designed with a separate, touchscreen-capable liner to enable removal of the insulated glove without exposing bare hands to cold and wind.

“Heavy thermal work gloves are great so long as they’re on your hands. It’s when you have to take them off to perform higher texterity tasks that you run into issues,” says Aaron Skemp, associate product manager for Ergodyne. “By expanding our line to include thermal coated gloves and an insulated two-piece glove, we can keep worker’s hands both warm and safe.”

In addition to these models, Ergodyne also relaunched the popular ProFlex 819WP Thermal Waterproof Winter Work Gloves. The next generation 819WP model features increased insulation and improved materials for enhanced gripping.

The new ProFlex Winter Work Gloves are available now on Ergodyne’s website.

For more information, visit

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