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“Save”ty Yellow Products Launches First-of-its-Kind Innovative Dock Stop Solution & Three More Facility Safety Products at Modex 2018

Dock Stop Gate from “Save”ty Yellow Products (Booth #B3820) is a new, one-of-a-kind safety solution designed to prevent accidents – specifically forklifts driving or backing off docks at warehouse and facility gates. The Dock Stop is one of four new safety solutions the Company is debuting at Modex 2018.

“Save”ty Yellow Products is an industry leading producer of facility asset protection and safety products used in manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehouse facilities. With forklift injuries in the thousands every year, “Save”ty designed the industry’s strongest gate safety solution – the Dock Stop.

According to President Dan Gentile, the Dock Stop is one of the stronger solutions on the market for forklift dock safety.

“Our flexibility in the manufacturing process literally lets us develop products that are a true need in the marketplace,” said Gentile. “The Dock Stop is a great example of the glaring void in dock protection products until it was developed.

“There are nets and gates and other partial protectors that are made more for gate awareness but those can’t proactively prevent forklift accidents. That’s why the Dock Stop is truly innovative in the facility safety field.”

  • Dock Stop: Designed to withstand 4,000 pounds at 5 mph, the Dock Stop is a powerful solution that includes two rotating arms that lock with a pin, two 42” bollards, and a 30” bollard available. Meets OSHA requirements and has 5/8” x 4-3/4” wedge anchors on request.
  • Economy Door Track: These 38” tall guards protect against a common form of damage – bends and kinks from forklifts or pallet jacks. Not only is this kind of mistake a costly one, but it shuts down production.
  • Super Duty Rack Guard: This strong rack guard provides bottom-of-rack protection from forklifts and other potential damage. Features an extra mounting hole behind the curved face (three mounting holes in all) and is 18” long with 6” x 4” x ½” steel angle.
  • Food Grade Post Protector: Featuring a closed top for food-handling facilities, this post protector helps prevent rack damage and frame replacement at a fraction of the cost. Comes 24” tall with a 3.25” clear opening that’s a side mount and includes hardware. The sides are notched for the first-tier beam.

What separates “Save”ty Yellow Products from other manufacturers is its ability to go from discussion to drawing board to manufactured product in a short period of time. This has allowed “Save”ty to increase its safety supply products business year-after-year for the last 15 years.

“We definitely take an innovative approach to manufacturing safety solutions,” added Gentile. “We’re one of the only companies where someone can say to us ‘I wish this product existed’ and then we can make it for them from scratch in a very short period.”

All “Save”ty’s products are made in America, unlike many other manufacturers. Many companies do not print the country of origin of their products on shipping labels or invoices – and some do not alert customers that the products are made in China or India or elsewhere. Making 100 percent of its products in the U.S. means “Save”ty can better oversee quality control and expect higher standards.

About “Save”ty Yellow Products
“Save”ty Yellow Products is an industry leading producer of facility asset protection and safety products used in manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouse facilities. We take the approach of being a solution provider, so they offer several models for each product line giving distributors and customers a choice when designing and protecting a facility. The entire product line, including custom applications, is powder coated for long lasting durability.

The Company manufactures safety products to protect employees, facilities, products, & machinery from impact by fork truck, including but not limited to drop-in / lift-out guardrails, highway design, lite rail & deflector series guardrails, overhead door track protection, rack post protectors, curved & low-profile rack end systems, mezzanine safety gates, modular handrails, building column protectors, and steel bollards.

In business since 2003 and located in suburban Chicago, “Save”ty offers a strategic central location to reduce shipping costs.

For more information, visit or call 877-728-3891. Also, follow “Save”ty Yellow Products on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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