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Faztek: Custom-Designed, Full-Service Solutions

By Joan Mantini, Chief Editor

Faztek started as a standard t-slot aluminum supplier, but through time, the company found this wasn’t what its customers needed. What it reportedly discovered customers needed was a company willing to go the extra mile to help them, from start to finish. Faztek found its niche by being a full-service, custom industrial solutions provider.

From the beginning, Faztek has looked to serve the industry’s needs; that’s what they have continued to do for the past 17 years.

In recent company news, Faztek unveiled its new brand identity in January, which was intended to more clearly represent the company’s range of industrial services and products. These changes came at a time when Faztek was developing its products and services to expand its ability to meet needs all across the industrial marketplace.

During the past two decades, Faztek went from being a standard t-slotted aluminum provider; to a safety guarding provider; and now to a full-service industrial solutions provider. Their past logos also changed, in order to encompass the company’s purpose and direction.

The rebranding included a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. The new identity focuses on “a modern, clean, industrial feel” that represents their multiple product and service lines working together in a streamline fashion, according to press material.

As well as the company’s full identity rebrand, Faztek plans to continue implementing new products and services throughout 2020. These products include new metric profiles and additional anodizing options.

As their team embraces the new image, Faztek’s Vice President, Bruce Fogler, took some time to discuss with Workplace Material Handling & Safety the benefits of Faztek and its product lines and how they are assisting customers. See Fogler’s responses and insights, below.

How can Faztek help companies with eliminating waste—thus cutting space and preventing overproduction?

Fogler: Faztek can customize any project to a customer’s needs. Floor space within any organization is at a premium and is expensive to increase. Many of the “off-the-shelf” material handling products are standard sizes and may take up more square footage than what the customer has or wants to allocate for it. For instance, with t-slotted extrusion, Faztek can customize the workstation length/width to minimize the footprint of the workstation within the organization.

How does Faztek incorporate ergonomics into its products?

Fogler: Faztek’s customization and modularity of the t-slotted extrusion allows for customers to design projects to be ergonomically acceptable to the project’s needs. This adjustability to these parameters (height, length, width) increases efficiency and reduces the risk of injury. We have assisted in designs that utilize hydraulic and electric lift systems which allow carts to be adjustable between employees, as well.

You have recently added custom partitions, sneeze guards and cashier shields to your product portfolio. How new are these for Faztek, and can you tell us more?

Fogler: Faztek is producing custom sneeze/partitions from extrusion and components we have sold for years. We normally custom-design partitions and guards to keep employees safe from machines. Now, we also custom-design partitions and guards to keep people safe from each other. These guards can be used in restaurants, retail stores, workstations, hospitals and anywhere separation of people is needed.

What are some of the benefits of the aluminum extrusion line in material handling?

Fogler: Faztek’s customization and modularity of material handling projects is the biggest benefit of using t-slotted extrusion. Using Faztek’s t-slotted extrusion makes it easy to add/modify shelves and accessories to fit the application for the customer before or after the project is designed or assembled.

What do you believe gives Faztek a competitive edge in the market?

Fogler: Faztek’s quick response from custom design, order to delivery of the project is our competitive advantage at a competitive price. Faztek ships in two-three days—for a quick turnaround time for project completion. WMHS

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