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How Strong Are Your Warehouse’s Bones?

Karina Kedaitis, Contributor


While the use of wire decking may not sit in the spotlight when it comes to warehouse safety, it is undeniably a major factor in how safe your warehouse truly is. The Hanging Divider is a fast and easy solution to organizing inventory. Photo courtesy Worldwide Material Handling

It’s no secret that the material handling world is pushing safety more than ever. Warehouse safety products and strategies have become a huge point of discussion in meetings, trade shows, publications and businesses of every size. However, in a warehouse environment, safety could mean a wide array of things. It’s important to remember that warehouse safety extends much further than things like safety railing or caution tape. While those are still crucial components of any warehouse, a facility is only as smart and efficient as its shelving choices.

Shelving installations are essentially the bones which build the foundation for a successful operation. Just as Popeye liked to remind us as he outrageously guzzled down spinach: Any creature lacking strong bones is sure to fall short.

For that reason, many warehouses choose to take pallet rack capabilities a step further by pairing it with wire decking for stronger, more trustworthy “bones.” Although storing wood pallets directly on pallet racks may seem more cost-effective and suitable enough, wire decking offers a much smarter and safer alternative that is absolutely worth the added expense to your warehouse. Installing wire deck shelving on pallet racks ensures that wood pallets placed on top cannot break under pressure—which could cause a domino effect of damages. There is also the added benefit of securely storing items without pallets all together.

However, a wire deck offers more benefits than just strength alone. The structure of wire mesh deck makes it nearly impossible for debris or dust to gather on shelving, keeping your warehouse cleaner without any added effort. Most importantly, it allows for 100% sprinkler and air flow in case of a fire, while remaining inflammable, unlike wooden shelving.

Additionally, the installation of wire decks grants several organizational options that bare pallet racks simply don’t have. A popular, cost-effective solution to great organization is the use of wire mesh dividers. This allows for compartmentalized sorting that can result in more efficient order picking, a clear view of product and a cleaner, more professional look. As part of their WorldDeck product line, Worldwide offers four different styles of pallet rack dividers—all of which are easy to install and can be added to any new or existing wire deck to create sectioned inventory space.

Worldwide 2

A warehouse is only as strong (and safe) as the bones built within. The WorldStop is makes life easier by keeping flue space consistent. Photo courtesy Worldwide Material Handling

The Hanging Divider attaches between beam levels for a hanging effect while remaining secure. Simply hook the divider arms to the underside of a wire mesh deck and the divider will hang below to bring you to a world of organizational possibilities.

The Snap-In Divider is sought after for its very versatile design. This style is perfect for shelving with various beam levels and will not pose any issues, if those beam levels change in the future. As its name suggests, simply snap it in place on any type of wire deck.

The Backstop Divider creates a reverse waterfall-style barrier at the back of any wire deck shelving. This divider is easy to install and easy to remove. Use the Backstop Divider to keep product from falling off shelving and to help keep flue spaces uniform.

The Flue Space Divider doubles your shelf space by creating two small aisles on a single shelf. This design is great for aisle-picking needs or organization of smaller items. Most importantly, it keeps a uniform dividing space down the center of any wire deck.

With roots a quarter-century deep in the material handling world, Worldwide puts great focus on providing high-caliber safety accessories to warehouses all over the globe. To further aid in their safety mission is a newly developed Worldwide exclusive called The WorldStop, a solution to keeping flue spacing consistent and up to code. This accessory comes in a variety of sizes, and all sizes install with ease and are robotically welded to ensure superior strength and dependability. With a top mount installation, this product fits around your current wire deck so there is no need to remove any shelving before installation. The piece can also be secured to a rack beam even without any wire deck shelving present.

Take it from the experts: There is never a bad time to decrease clutter and strengthen your warehouse’s bones. Even the smallest details of your warehouse count for a lot, especially when it comes to staying safe. It’s time to step up to the next level of excellence. How strong are your warehouse’s bones?

About the Author:  Karina Kedaitis represents Worldwide Material Handling as their Marketing Assistant. She finds great joy and solace in writing, painting, sculpting and relaxing in fresh air. Karina resides near Chicago, with her partner, their very clingy dachshund and two lazy lizards.

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