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The Best Quality Ball Transfers

Workplace Material Handling & Safety did a Q&A with Ball Transfers And More on their new website launch. You will learn more about their ball transfer and ergonomic solutions in this Q&A.

ESW: Why should people buy direct from Ball Transfers and More instead of going through a big distributor?

Ball Transfers and More: We are a family operated business who holds our standards high. The biggest difference between us and a large catalog house is customer support and knowledge of the products we sell. We chose not only to focus on one manufacturer and their products made here in the U.S. because we believe the OMTEC products are some of the best ball transfers produced, but also to keep the number of parts we supply smaller than a normal catalog house. We do this so we can help our customers make the right choice for a new transfer or whole assembly line (even if this means we point them to another product). Many places have forgotten that helping others will not only last longer but will be remembered longer in the case that these customers are ever in the market again.

ESW: What does your product line include?

Ball Transfers and More: Our product line includes Pop-up Ball transfers, Pop-up Pads, Flange mount fixed balls, Pneumatic controls, Tee’s, Tubing, Pop-up Skate wheels, Retainer springs, and FRL units.

ESW: Are there specific types of assembly lines your parts lend themselves to best?

Ball Transfers and More: These products are used throughout manufacturing assembly lines, pick and pack warehouses, and distribution centers―it’s difficult to narrow down specific areas or even applications. OMTEC’s products are built in such a way that they can be virtually used anywhere product needs to be easily moved for assembly, testing, and packing. They can even be used in companies that need to move heavy dies in and out of equipment to either assist in setting up the press or working on the dies.

ESW: Who are some distribution centers, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities you sell to?

Ball Transfers and More: We know OMTEC products are used in McKesson Medical Centers, Square D, Raytheon, Wolf, Sub-Zero, Cove, GE, KOMO, Accu-router, Dell, HP, Amazon, along with many more.

ESW: Which parts are your most common sellers?

Ball Transfers and More: Our popular sellers include PBT-1’s, PPD-1, F1’s, PSW-1, and the tees and tubing to go along with them. Some of the other products are for more specialized industries.

ESW: Can companies use your products to replace existing parts in their assembly line, or do they have to be part of a new assembly?

Ball Transfers and More: We supply OEM products, so they are a direct replacement of existing products. They can also use the same products to either expand their current operation or build a new assembly operation. We do not get into designing the systems, but we have years of knowledge in material handling that we can at least recommend some things and set them in the right direction.

ESW: How quickly will my orders ship from the time I place them?

Ball Transfers and More: Depending on the time of day the order is placed (before 12pm EST), it typically ships the same day or the following business day so long as the quantity ordered is in stock. Typical part orders are usually in stock but there are cases where large quantities may take a one-week lead time.

ESW: Can you explain more about your full line of patented ergonomic products?

Ball Transfers and More: These patented ergonomic products are not our products. The products we purchase from OMTEC Corp. are patented, though nt all the products hold a patent. Ball transfers in general patented or not when used correctly makes moving large, awkward, or even heavy products or packages much easier for one person. For instance, a product about 150# can be moved with a force of about 18# by one person. The ability to move, rotate, and position in a comfortable manner so work can be performed and have your product held in place all make for a better, easier, less fatigued assembly process.

ESW: Your products include accessories and assembly products, like a three-way hand control valve kit. What makes this ergonomic?

Ball Transfers and More: Valves, FRL’s, Tees, Tubing, Retainer Springs do nothing to make any of the products ergonomic. The ergonomic help lies in the ball transfers, Pop-up Pads, Skate wheels, PSW-1, and Insert rollers. Studies over the years have found pushing, pulling, and twisting during your job not only makes a worker more fatigued by the end of the day but also can lead to short- and long-term health issues. When a worker gets hurt, not only do they have to recoup themselves, but the company’s workers comp goes up too. There are also many insurance companies that will give discounts for utilizing ergonomic processes such as these products we sell. And, aside from saving money, insurance studies have shown workers are more likely to produce more every day when they’re not tired or fatigued.

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