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Yale Announces Yale Reliant, an Operator Assist Solution

Lift truck operators move and lift heavy loads at great heights. Accidents and safety violations are serious issues. According to the National Safety Council, the cost of work injuries in 2020 was $163 billion, and forklifts were the source of over 7,200 nonfatal injuries involving days away from work. Together with proper, comprehensive training, Yale Reliant helps to limit risk of such incidents and support lift truck safety best practices by enhancing operator and pedestrian situational awareness and reaction time.

Yale Reliant automatically adjusts lift truck performance like speed or lift based on truck stability, facility rules and proximity to obstacles, people and other trucks. Operators also receive alerts to provide additional reaction time and clear notice of the reason for the intervention.

For example, the technology suite can be used to automatically slow trucks as they approach the end of an aisle, intersections, other pieces of equipment and obstacles, or even limit speed to prevent equipment from entering designated areas. It can also limit hydraulic function to help operators lower elevated loads more gently and controlled, to help prevent product damage. These functionalities may be practical for helping to prevent costly injuries, spills and damage to products in fast-paced warehousing and distribution facilities, depending on the specific application.

While competitive systems may be limited to one detection technology, Yale Reliant can be equipped with multiple detection technologies: detection for obstacles in the line of sight, and detection for tag-wearing people or objects in proximity, whether or not they are in the line of sight. Another unique factor is how these performance controls are implemented. While other systems may reduce speed when making turns, Yale Reliant applies a tailored, controlled deceleration based on the combined center of gravity of both the truck and load to maintain stability and help prevent tip overs.

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