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Yale Reliant Operator Assist System Helps Lift Truck Operators Avoid Pedestrians and Objects

The Yale Reliant lift truck operator assist system (OAS) is unique because it can use either single or multiple means to detect objects and pedestrians, depending on the goals and needs of the specific warehouse applications. While other OAS offerings may be limited to one type of detection technology, Yale Reliant can be configured with multiple detection technologies for a greater level of awareness tailored to the unique needs of each location. Yale Reliant is also the only OAS that offers true lateral stability when cornering, to help operators avoid hitting obstacles. While other OAS offerings may reduce speed when making turns, only Yale Reliant decelerates equipment based on the combined center of gravity of both the truck and load.

Yale Reliant leverages both lidar and ultra-wideband tags for obstacle detection. It also offers a real-time location sensing option using the same network of ultra-wideband proximity tags together with beacons set up throughout the facility to enable location-based rules like equipment exclusion zones and end-of-aisle slowdown.

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