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BSLBATT High-Capacity Power Lithium Batteries Bring Advantages of Lithium-ion Power to Heavy-Duty Applications

Raniero Forklift Trucks company breaks new ground with BSLBATT Battery factory integrated, high-voltage lithium-ion power in load capacity from 12 to 25 tons capacity sit-down counterbalanced lift trucks. The Raniero® AC150-6 – AC160-6 – AC170-6 – AC180-6, AC160L-12, AC180L-12, AC200L-12, AC220L-12 120V, and AC120-6 – AC140-6 provide a zero-emission alternative with performance comparable to an internal combustion engine in high-capacity indoor and outdoor applications.

Raniero Forklifts has chosen premium BSLBATT lithium batteries to power its innovative Raniero Forklifts, a heavy-duty forklift application. The Raniero Forklifts utilize a unique patented module structure BSLBATT high-capacity power lithium batteries, providing reliable long-lasting power to users – along with a BSLBATT cloud platform built into the dash showing battery state of charge for user’s peace of mind.

BSLBATT high-capacity power lithium batteries work differently than competing solutions: its unique patented module structure eliminates almost all downtime. Think of modules as Lego bricks that are stacked to make one large battery. Each module is independently monitored and controlled via the cloud to maintain optimal battery conditions. When needed, individual modules can be remotely disconnected, while the remaining modules continue to operate. Best of all, the modules have individual temperature controls that allow forklifts to run unaffected in -30 degrees Celsius.

The lithium-ion battery pairs with efficient, high-power electric motors to deliver performance comparable to an ICE but uses fewer serviceable components for reduced periodic maintenance requirements. The battery itself is sealed and requires no maintenance.

Lithium-ion batteries also provide consistent power delivery throughout the full battery charge, avoiding the performance degradation found in traditional lead-acid batteries. The battery can also fully charge in less than 90 minutes using the required charger, and opportunity charging capabilities allow operators to plug in whenever convenient to extend runtime and spend less time charging.

Switching to lithium energy eliminates the vibrations caused by internal combustion, reducing driver fatigue and increasing productivity and wellness. Transitioning to BSLBATT heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries eliminates pollutant emissions that impact the health of operators and the environment.

While internal combustion forklifts have the advantage of lower upfront costs, the total amount spent over their lifetime is impacted by fuel and maintenance costs. By switching to cheaper electricity and opting for BSLBATT’s modular battery technology, operations can save up to $18,000 per year per forklift. BSLBATT also stands by its bold claims of durability with a 5-year or 10000 hours warranty.

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