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Caster Concepts’ Heavy-Duty Casters Deliver Might, Fueling the Next Generation of Spaceflight and Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency

Caster Concepts Inc., a leading maker of industrial, heavy-duty wheels and casters, announces the release of its latest line of casters, the first-ever maintenance-free casters that can move up to 20,000 pounds of material.

The 97 HD and 97 Series casters deliver the strength manufacturers and engineers need to quickly move large amounts of materials safely and effectively. Aeronautics companies use these heavy-duty casters on material handling dollies in the production of new rockets and to move delicate equipment on and off the launching pad. One spaceflight company saved millions by replacing their wheel and caster system on an existing automated guided vehicle (AGV) with the 97 HD, saving the company the added cost of buying a new drive system.

Designed to enhance powered and continuous movement applications, the 97 HD and 97 Series feature a maintenance-free high-capacity swivel section that reduces turn force, making it easier for AGVs to handle tricky movements. Enhanced maneuverability results in less strain on AGV batteries, which means fewer replacements, repairs, and cost reductions, plus extended battery life.

Product Overview (Watch Our Video)

  • With a high-capacity swivel section, these casters reduce force load, making it easier to maneuver. The 97 Series and 97 HD are maintenance-free casters featuring a sealed precision ball bearing in the swivel section and the wheels. The precision machining tolerances of the swivel section allow for an even load distribution, which lowers swiveling forces and prolongs life in constant movement;
  • 97 HD features a dual row of bearings, which gives it extra load capacity. The 97 HD can move up to 20,000 pounds; the 97 Series, 10,000 pounds. The 97 Series and 97 HD are the first-ever casters for these weight capacities to be maintenance free;
  • Retrofits existing drive systems for greater efficiency; increases the maneuverability and ease of movement of powered carts and other continuous movement applications; and
  • Ideal for industries such as agriculture, marine, automotive, aircraft manufacturing and ground support (to name a few).

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